Friday, September 24, 2010

Busy Busy Bees

Yes...Busy busy and more busy is how I describe our days!

I thought having Simone back in school would give us a breather, a slow down and maybe some free time.  But once again I was incorrect  So very incorrect.

We just don't stop moving and grooving and and yet... nothing ever seems to get done!  Sammy and I have busy mornings full of one thing or another in order to keep Sammy from destroying the house to help entertain my sweet Sammy Wei, then I pick up my friends little one from Kindergarten and soon thereafter Simone's bus is arriving.  Which means a new flurry of activities for the late afternoon leading up to dinner, bath and bed.  And somehow I get the kids fed, cleaned up and asleep too!

So let's see,
Housework....well it feels like I'm constantly sweeping up messes and sopping up spills and putting things back into place but there's always more.

Gardening...what garden, that is the question- as outdoor projects are not in the books this year be it fruit, veggie or flower.  We tried, but between our long vacation and the lack of free hands I just couldn't keep up.

Reading, which is one of my favorite hobbies....ya no time for that these days!  I may read my AF magazine over the course of a week, but beyond that....

Checking blogs...yes I do pop by for quick moments but never have the time to comment on the awesome blogs I love to follow.

Ditto email....
And all other adult related things it seems!

I do attend plenty of playgrounds, libraries, Doctor appointments, girl scout meetings, soccer games and "play dates".  But beyond that the time right now is fleeting.  Which isn't so bad really in the grand scheme of things....I love what we do!  And I know this time will fly by so I do try to enjoy the business and the craziness of our lives right now!

So what do busy bees look like...?
Well let me take you through our hive!

Sibling love...his favorite spot to play is on his sister's lap and she usually obliges!  She's feeding him tacos and corn...yumm.
And my busy guys.  Not sure what they are up to but it sure looks important.
And sweetness on four legs!  Oliver is always trying to keep in the middle of the action!

Swimming time-how this boy loves the water!
And my big fish...
Now with her own little fish!  As a special treat we agreed to get Simone a fish of her own.  It is a Beta (supposed to be easy to care for) and she has named her "Goldie".  They eat breakfast together each morning, very cute!
And Sammy Wei got some new wheels last week.  He will not sit in his stroller~ escapes every time even buckled in!  So this is our solution... a tricycle.  And I tell ya what, he loves it and I can push him around all over!
So busy, so many things to feed our dogs, real or otherwise.  What a mess  What a responsible pet owner he is!
And playground fun.  Sammy is so brave on the playground, or fearless whatever you want to call it!  He climbs and jumps and throws himself.  Mama has a really hard time keeping up!

And he really thinks he can climb this thing.  With mama's help he whoops with glee as he gets as high up as my arms can hold him!  (and yes Mom...I think of my split lip on one of these any time either of them want to climb it!)
A serious looking break gives me a chance to smooch on those cheeks!
Yep, he's laughing because at any moment he is going to try to fly off this slide and he knows Mama is going to react and try to catch him before he tumbles down!
And back home, reunited with puppy!  He's probably hungry again...

So that's about it for us.  I have run out of time so now it's time to run!


Lisa said...

Oh but that was plenty of time to share just the perfect craziness and bliss of your everydays!!!

Gosh, how come your blogging about my life these days?? LOL I SO SO SO get this post and with a bit of tweaking or a slight line change or two, this could be us...or me!!

One of my friends and I have considered starting a line of special Mama knee pads to slap on for picking up the house clutter...why get up and down? Why not spare those knees? LOL Of course they would come in a range of snazzy colors and styles!! ;)

LOVE the photos of your 2 beauties and they look so happy content!

YES, Betas are pretty easy and the name got me a'chuckling....we've had a Lightening & a Pumpkin over the years! :) Your furry pooch is mighty adorable too!!!!

Thanks for checking in when ya can!!! OH, I miss my books too....I usually end up reading when its too late and can't get through a few pages or stay up much TOO late when I do!!

Hey, how's that soccer star doing??


michelle said...

Just like Lisa, I can so relate to this life. I used to love gardening and now, I have 2 plants, which I don't even have time to water, unless we're playing in the yard with the sprinkler. Cleaning is an everyday thing, but Lexie does help put toys away and even throws her diaper in the trash, so maybe I can teach her to vacuum!! Even though life is crazy, it's a great life to have! Especially when you have your 2 darling children to share it with!