Friday, October 29, 2010

Wild Thing

There is a creature found only in these parts.  A creature so wild and so silly few have dared to capture it.  He goes by many names, this wild thing, like Sammy, WieChe and Sam Bam..he's even been referred to as "the little sumo".

Very difficult to catch, this wild thing can lead in chases lasting for hours.  Once caught he quickly becomes
quiet and almost docile, easily giving hugs and cuddles.  But all too soon he is off, sure of foot and fast as the wind...leading another chase.

And to capture on film, this wild thing in action, has proven almost impossible.  But I have dared to live with this creature in his own habitat and to be the first to get his silly antics on video.  As you will see below, I believe I have succeeded!

And yes, he obviously has a partner in crime!  Another wild thing has been located in the same habitat, although she appears a bit older and slightly more mature.  Yet I still believe she is the so called "ring leader".

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!

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