Monday, November 1, 2010

A Spooktacular Weekend

Halloween night was so much fun this year with my two sweetpeas! 
Last year we totally missed it because we were in Taiwan, which was okay...I mean I'd give up 10000 Halloweens for this fellow.  But it certainly made this year all that more special. 
We had a great afternoon with a party at a friends house and then off to another neighborhood for trick or treating with some other pals! 

So we had Princess Jasmine and a puppy dog in costume this year!
 Below is Simone with "Bubba"...
 And the four tricksters!

 Look at this big girl...doesn't even wait for Mama anymore!
 At least I still have Sammy...for now anyway!
 He caught on real quick and went to quite a few houses to trick or treat as well!

And the weekend was busy all around since we also had the Fall Festival at Simone's school.

We call this the "too cool for the playground" look.
 This would be called "leaf fun".  The kids played in this pile of leaves for about a half hour!
 Sweet girl....
 Sammy laughing as he "throws" leaves on Simone's pal!

 And what Halloween would be complete without a trip to Boo at the Zoo?  Well not ours, not this year!  Here's Simone dressed up for it last weekend.    She made a pretty little Jasmine!
 Sammy was not too sure about the costume thing and really just wanted to see if the bears were out!
 Bestest pals!
 I think the zoo was a lot of fun, but also a bit tiring!

And one final photo of my cutest little puppy!

Hope you all had a spooktacular weekend as well!

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Lisa said...

Oh what a treat this was!! :)

How darling are your 2 'pumpkins'?? Well, 100 percent cuteness times 2!!

What an enchanting (and beautiful!!) Jasmine and Sammy just melts my heart....look at that face!!! Do you find yourself kissing on those cheeks every chance you get?? Baby cheeks rule!!

I'm so behind I have not even posted on our day, but couldn't wait to peek in on my favorite bloggy buddies!!

AND the leaf shot and too cool for the playground photo are beyond darling ~ what a fabulous moment you captured of pure glee and discovery!!

So happy your first Halloween all together was so wonderful!!!