Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Fly a Kite

Yep, that is just what we were asked to do this weekend.

We had the pleasure of going to a Kite Festival yesterday with some of our FCC pals.  It was a hot day, but the wind was high and the kites sure flew!  All the kiddos were so excited to see each other again.  And we adults were happy to see all our pals as well! 

  Simone got the hang of it right away and flew that kite until she was red faced and too hot to fly any more!

 All of the families practiced flying kites!
 And Sammy made a new friend.  She wasn't as enamoured by him as he seemed to be by her...but I'm sure there will be many more chances for him to prove himself.

 The pals hung out as usual!  Where FuDa was Simone was sure to be as well!
 We call her "cool breeze"...
 And we call him "runaway bunny"....
 Here's the gang.  What a great group of kiddos and what amazing connections they are making with each other!  I am proud and thankful to have these great families so close by- and so willing to share their time and experiences with us.

So when somebody tells you to "go fly a kite", well you may just want to take them up on it....  Trust me, it's a lot of fun!


Julie and Dean said...

You did an awesome job capturing the day! I can even feel the heat coming off of the photos. I went home and napped for about an hour!I felt bad that Adam had to run to work as I was relaxing on my lounger.
FuDa kept saying how much fun Simone was!! And Stevie asked why Sammy didn't play Pokemon with them.

michelle said...

Isn't kite flying fun!! Lexie loves it and gets very upset if we don't let her hold on to the kite. Love Sammy and his little friend, very adorable!