Saturday, April 11, 2009

And just for a chuckle

I just needed a chuckle and this, well this makes me laugh!
OK, so we all know about the family puppies, Emma and Oliver. Both great doggies in their own right but Ollie has this huge problem. You see, he is related to Chewbacca...from Star Wars. He gets that furry. I mean the boy brings leaves and dirt in with him every day, but he also brings in sticks and branches-whole flippin branches from trees!
So here is a photo of Chewie - we'll call it "the before".

Do you see all of the fur, he has enough on him to make another dog! And he's probably hiding enough dirty items on his belly and tail to fill a small trash can. I swear I sweep and vacuum every day!
And below we have the photos we'll call "the after"...

Who knew he had so much Dachshund in him. And I know it is somewhat mean to laugh at his expense, but he looks like a different dog!

Simone has been calling him cuddle buns and keeps saying how pretty he is! He didn't seem too embarrassed at the park this morning, I think he actually likes his new doo!

So JOH got updates on Thursday, but we didn't get one for Wei-Che. I think probably because we are just under the one month mark since the time of referral, and they really need to get the updates to those who are waiting for so long. A bit sad, yes, but think about how much he'll have grown when we next lay eyes on him!

Care package complete and I will be sending it out on Monday! I'll post a picture of the items before I send it!

Happy Passover to all my family and friends who celebrate that holiday and also Happy Easter to my family and friends celebrating that!

Shalom! J


Terry said...

I couldn't help but chuckle - I'm sorry Ollie! He is a cute pup, all prettied up, just in time for the holiday too. Sorry no updates this time, but maybe after your package arrives he will be wearing a new outfit for his next photo op ? Say from a proud new mom ?!?! :-)

Lisa said...

I am chuckling....but with your pooch not at him!! :)

I love that Simone gives him that ego boost....our Lexi always has to be told she's pretty after a hair trim....very traumatic for her! LOL

Thanks for sharing that smile!! Hope your weekend was fabulous!!
AND I hope your update is still on its way!! :( I so wanted to see that darling little man & I know that goes triple gazillion for you!
Hugs, Lisa