Monday, April 20, 2009

Mom, can I cut my hair with scissors???

You see, we had some friends over for dinner Saturday night, and the adults were all outside relaxing beside the fire-pit. The girls were playing inside so nicely and quietly...maybe too quietly.

Because then that little phrase came out of my dear child's mouth. "Mom, can I cut my hair with scissors???" My first thought was "no, she wouldn't dare...she's too smart to do that". Then I thought, "son of a gun, she better not have cut her own hair!"

I yelled up to her " absolutely NOT, missy". And she replied "Uh...uh...Oh.... OK".

My pal & I looked at each other and ran up to the house. The girls were playing on the back porch, and there were the infamous scissors on the ground next to them. No hair was floating around, and so at first glance all appeared OK.

Then I go into the bathroom and find...

Well, well, well. Looks like somebody thought to ask if it was OK after they actually cut it! I ran back to the porch and asked "did you cut your hair?" She responded "will you be mad at me if I say yes?" Guess I got my answer.

Thankfully she just cut a little bit on front, giving her almost a layered bangs look. Could have been much worse I suppose. I don't think she'll be playing hairdresser any time again soon least I hope not!


Lisa said...

Oh Jen...OH noooooo....those are on the short list of words a Mama never wishes to hear from their munchkin(s)!

Glad it all turned out okay....hey, maybe she's on to something...layered bangs sound pretty!! :)

well, I'm sure that got your adreneline going...LOL..

Hugs and hope all is well and right in your world!!
P.S. Happy belated b-day to your Mama!! She must be one amazing gal to have raised such an incredible daughter!!

Terry said...

Oh my! Glad to hear it was only the 'new style bangs' and not much more.
Ahhh, childhood memories! :-)

Hope to 'chat' again soon!

Casey said...

Oh my goodness. I'm laughing....only because my sister and I did this once as children. :-)
Sounds like you handled it so well though. :-)
I'm sure she still looks perfect.

Glad things turned out okay.

Teresa said...

It's worse when your son says,"Mom, Caroline cut her hair and it's EVERYWHERE!" Fortunately, she did the same thing Simone did and it looked like blended bangs.

Oh well, I did worse to my hair when I was 5. I decided I didn't like having one piece of hair falling out of my ponytail. So I cut it as close to my scalp at my forehead as I could. I had sticky-uppy hair for several months until it grew into bangs.

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Oh goodnes... at least she didn't hide it. Mine threw her's in the track of the sliding glass door.... I didn't find it for months! I knew she had cute it because half her hair on one side seemed much thinner. I had no proof though... even though I immediately layered her hair all over. Sneaky little things.