Wednesday, April 15, 2009 package is on it's way

Yep. I got Wei-Che's little care package put together and sent via priority overnight service from my local post office.
I asked the very kind mail clerk a few times if she was sure it would make it safe and sound, and she assured me it would. And then she asked again if there were perishable items I needed to make her aware of. Nope, just a snuggly blanket my little boy needs. And his big sis has been "gettin her smell all over it" for the last few nights, "so's he'll know her when he meets her again" so we don't want those scents to dissipate in the mail.

I kept it small for the first package, I figure since he's not in his foster home yet, I don't want to overwhelm his caretakers with too much. So I just sent some onsies, two cute little outfits, a snuggly and a rattle. Oh and I threw in a pacifier, just because I have it. Pictured below...

I do feel great and a bit more connected to him now that I know he'll have some stuff from us that I picked out just for him. It was fun too, buying boy clothes! Now I'll start working on the next package and include some more soft toys and a photo album with a few pictures of us and the dogs. Now that I've gotten one off I have a better idea of what I want to send next, and as he gets bigger he'll need more toys to shake and play with.

And my friend reminded me again of the wonderful care he is getting in Taiwan, and of how much love and affection the person changing/bathing/feeding him is giving to him. For that I am so grateful. So even though it's not me caring for him he'll have a few items to know I am constantly thinking of him and he is here in my heart until I can finally meet him.


Lisa said...

Its a beautiful care package and thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Someday he will read your lovely, heartfelt posts filled with yearning, hope and incredible love and he will KNOW......know how much he was in your thoughts & dreams....know how missed he was while you waited for word to travel. What a beautiful testament!

I'm so glad this special task raised your spirits and the items you mentioned for the next care package sound perfect too!

AND OH, Tyler has the same little puppy blanket snuggly!! Jen, he just LOVES it! I'm smiling so big that our best boys will have the same lovey.....Tyler adores pressing his face into the soft cloth and he just giggles and giggles.....sometimes I find him fast asleep but still clutching that puppy tight in his little fist. Your little man will adore it too!!

I wanted to dash off a quick email to you all day and my thoughts have been with you. I guess this will have to count as my small novel this

Your love for him is beautiful to behold my friend.....I pray your process is a quick one!! Hugs!

Robin said...

Doesn't it feel great to know that your son will soon have a lovey to hold from you. We sent a pink kitty that was similar to our girl. I hope he will be wearing one our your cute outfits in your next update picture.