Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hopping Chocolate Bunnies!

Finally I am getting a chance to post some pictures of our Sunday bunny fun!
We celebrated a wonderful Passover Seder with some family and friends on Saturday. And well, although possibly my favorite holiday to celebrate, not exactly lots of "photo ops". So I took some of the egg hunt we attended on Sunday.

Here's Simone all ready to go! We call the hair style "The Princess Cinderella" and she has blue sparkling gel in her hair (although you can't really see it-as long as she knows its in there). And yep, that's how I get my child's hair brushed and out of her face, by naming the hairstyles...the girlier the name the better!

Ohh, still my cuddle bunny! Amazing how sweet a hug from your "baby" can feel!

(But OY! look at that gray in my hair! I am not kidding when I say this adoption is aging me quickly! I'm dialing my hair dresser as I type! )

Aren't they so cute! Simone's BFF and, as I overheard her informing the poor boy on Sunday, her boyfriend. He is a big kindergarten'er...

And just look at her go! She will stop at nothing to get the good eggs!
And this just about sums it up! She's almost too tired to even eat that gigantic chocolate egg!'s some flowers from our garden. Simone has been begging me to pick the bulbs, and since we have so many blooming right now, and they smell so sweet I couldn't resist letting her!

I hope all of your Egg Hunts were fun and your weekend was sunny!


Lisa said...

Oh, I love that chocolate egg shot! Such a pretty girl!!

Your flowers are gorgeous...I would fill up a vase to enjoy too!

:) I hope your weekend was grand!!
Hugs, Lisa

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Holy Chocolate Egg Batman... Hello!

p.s. Those aren't grey hairs... they are ash highlights. I actually have naturally kinda ashy hair... hence the hair dye celebration for me!

Simone you are an Honorary Egg Queen... tradition started by my sister, the Original Egg Queen.
=0) Sara