Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kindergarten Round-up

Yee Haw and call me a cowgirl... last night Simone & I went to the Kindergarten Round-Up!

OK, so Simone was not really yee haw-ing about visiting her new school.

In fact I was told by my soon to be big girl
" I will NOT be going to that school. I am staying at my real school and never ever going here."

I almost didn't even get her in the front door, and I'm slightly ashamed to admit to McD's bribery just to get her to walk in.

Oh the woes of growing up!
I wonder if she is truly frightened or if she is getting cues from me. I tried to be brave and act happy about the whole visit, but deep down I am terrified of sending my sweet little baby to "the big school".

Well, the first day of school this August should prove interesting. I think I'll make Adam take her....

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