Sunday, May 10, 2009

what's this!

So our modem has been on the fritz. Sometimes we get Internet, most of the time we just don't.
So that combined with being on a family vacation last week means I have been very behind on my blogging (both playing on my own and reading all of my faves!)
We spent a few days in Clearwater visiting family, playing on the beach, swimming in the pool and relaxing. Adam and I even had a date night, hitting some of our old haunts like the Chic-a-boom room and Skips in Dunedin. We then brought Simone on her first trip to Disney! What a blast...the amazement and excitement for Simone was awesome for us to see and share. We had a wonderful time, and when I get my new modem I'll work on posting pictures.

When we returned home I noticed the first of my late spring/early summer flowers blooming in the garden! I was thrilled and immediately ran out to take a closer look, and pull a few pesky weeds.

Aren't they lovely...

But wait, what's this??? There in the middle....
Ah, my arch enemy - poison ivy strikes again!

There in the middle of my flower garden it has crept all over. And it did it in just over a week, because Simone and I were out there the last weekend of April planting seeds and pulling weeds and I didn't come up with any itchy welts (and we all know if it's there I WILL get it!). Guess my gardening days are over until my big strapping P-I pulling hubby gets out there!

And I leave you now with a big Happy Mother's day to all the amazing Mom's I know... the Mom's that are tripping over their kids daily, the Mom's waiting to hold their babies for the first time, and for the Mom's yet to be!

And especially to the one I love the incredible Mom!
I hope you all get breakfast in bed and a few quiet moments to reflect on this wonderful and awesome job of being Mama!


Michelle said...

Happy mother's day to you too!! And do you mind if I put your blog on my blog list? It's:


Lisa said...


I just loved that post...course I adore all of your posts, but this one was like following a fun recipe with a yummy reward at the end! :)

I'm so thrilled that your family trip was so wonderful, just as you all so richly deserve! I absolutely cannot wait to see the slideshow when your pesky 'puter' issues are resolved!! I feel like I have 'puter' issues weekly now too! Ack!

AND your blossoms are gorgeous and I laughed so hard about the poison, its not a laughing matter really, but I loved the way you presented it! That's the spice of your recipe! The sweetness was your thoughts sent out to all the Mamas, most especially your own!

You are an incredible & beautiful Mama!!....thanks for the note too...I'll be sending the next installment soon! giggle..... ;)

Happy hugs!!

Terry said...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day!
I'm glad you had a great vacation and sorry to hear your computer is not feeling well ! LOL
Hope it's doing better soon!
Good luck with your garden ~ the flowers look beautiful ~minus the creeping critter!