Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catch up

Yep, back from blogger vacation. Finally I have a moment to catch up. And it looks like it's about time...I'm starting to get hints - from friends and family of things to write about, or pictures to post. Below you'll see my Dad's contribution to my blog, some interesting photos of things around Vermont.
So since I've been on blogger vacation for so long that I have made a list of posts I have in mind, that I will hopefully be able to write this week. Let's see...

1) Identity crisis - Some days I look in the mirror and I'm shocked to see some stranger looking back out at me. This woman looks much older than I am, she has some, well we'll kindly call them "laugh lines" and some gray hair. Certainly this can't be me...
OK so it's not really my identity crisis I want to write about (that's a whole other post!) but my daughters. At almost 5 years old she's starting to feel the impact of her Chinese and American cultures and she's questioning where she fits in. I didn't really expect it this young... More to come on that.

2) Anniversaries- Yep, eight years of marital bliss was just celebrated by Adam and me. Well, maybe not all bliss, we've had some real tough times and have gone through a whole lot of trials in our 8 years of marriage. Although our love and feelings for each other has always been strong, we've had a few emotional curve balls tossed our way. But we've had even more amazing joys, blessings and so much everyday fun. I was a lucky gal to have met my hubby, and I look forward to many many more years...

3) Friends visit- We had our dear friends visit from Florida last weekend. It was just wonderful to see them, and we are so glad that they came. They brought their two kiddos, Brady who is 3 and baby Addison who is two weeks younger than my little Wei-Che. Bittersweet...getting to hold and cuddle a baby the same age as him. Made my heart just ache. (let's all send a good vibe to that almighty Judge over there for some quick rulings!) But we had a great time hanging out and trying to convince them to move here to East Tenn. I'll post some pics later!

And so I still need to catch up on all my blog buddies and read the latest with them, maybe I'll sneak into work early one day and get on that. We hear so much about this recession, but I tell ya...we have never been busier at work (I work for a title company - real estate transfers, refinances & commercial development) We had 30 closings in the last two weeks of May alone. For our little company that is a lot, and now my boss is on maternity leave! SO I've been non stop at the office, and while I love being busy and the challenges that come with it, well it leaves me little time for blogging. I guess I really cannot complain about a steady paycheck and job security in these times though. I do know how lucky I am to have this great job.

So below are some fun pics my Dad sent me to share with my blogger friends.

My sweet niece. She gets bigger and bigger every time I see her! She's a cutie - what personality!

Here's the sugar house my parent visited a few months ago. A sugar house is where REAL maple syrup comes from, and there is nothing like fresh hot syrup! My Mom's the pretty young gal in the black coat.

And this is the outside of the sugar house. It was way up in the woods, they said it was a beautiful walk/climb to reach it.

And this is an apple tree out front of my parents house. My Dad says people stop their cars to look at it and take photos, its a real beauty!

And "Jenny's" is open for business again. Sure looks like a wonderful day to be outside in Vermont...and to shop for antiques. Don't forget, if ever you are near the village of Barton to stop in and say hello to my folks at Jenny's!
Thanks Dad for being a great blogger guest and supplying these pics!
So I promise I will be visiting all my favorite blogs soon and I can't wait to see what's been going on in my blogging pal's lives!
I say this with such belief that I'll really have time! Let's hope I do...I NEED my blogger therapy. Keeps me somewhat sane!
And I'll work on my 3 post ideas as soon as I get a chance.
Happiness to all, may your weekend be grand!


Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Girl we are so on the same page... we just celebrated our 10th anniversary and I haven't even posted about it yet. hee hee I love the pictures... and we are never as old as we look ever. I plan to be 20 years old in a 90 year old body. ;0) It is good to be busy though... helps you not think about other things so much. ;0)

Lisa said...

Hiya! :) Doesn't it seem like when it rains it pours, sometimes? LOL For both the good and the really really 'bizzeeee'. :)

LOVED the photos that your Dad contributed and what a grand idea that was! Almost like a visiting blogger! I hope your folks' collectible shop gets off to a grand season! And that tree.....very lovely! I actually got goosebumps thinking of you someday soon posing BOTH of your kiddos in front of that very tree during a visit! Oh happy day!

You surely know that you have my vibes, thoughts and prayers while you wait for your sweet little man!! The waiting is just plain hard! I so hope this month brings bundles of good news!

And please know that you are so not alone feeling at odds when you peek into that mirror. I feel the very same way!

Please keep us posted on sweet Simone. I know you have said before that she is a bright, sweet, old soul....she probably intuits things earlier than some children might. Big hugs to her and to her amazing Mama too! :)

Thanks so much for sweet thoughts sent our way and for the continuing support! It means more than you know!

O.k.....hoggin up all the comment room again. You may have to start charging me rental space! ;)


Robin said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the pictures of the sugar house. I have never seen one before:)