Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Updates are in! Updates I said!


Our updates came in. I now have three new (and totally awesome, if I may say so...) photo's and a video of our handsome little guy! We are so thrilled and delighted at how adorable he is, and to see how much he's grown and to get that first glimpse of his little dimpled cheeks!

Love this close up. Look at how intently he is checking the camera out.

Don't you just love it! I mean, I just can't get enough. He has such sweet spikey hair and his little face is so much fuller. (OK, I'll stop being so mushy gushy and let you just look without my two cents!)

And now for the video! And Oh yes, he has his own little gift to give at the end...typical Friedman!

Have a fantastic evening!

I'll be dreaming of my little won ton and looking at his pictures over and over and then maybe I'll look at them a little more!


Michelle said...

Dontcha just LOVE update day? :)

He's adorable!! LOVE the dimples in the video, and he is definitely charming the pants off the ladies (all the giggling from them)! :)

Robin said...

He is such a cutie pie. That dimple is just to die for. He is such a little charmer with that smile. Ahhh, it is a good day!

Mark & Kris said...

Jennifer, he is just precious! And what a dimple!! Kris

Lisa said...

OH JEN....I'm so thankful that you gave me a bit of heads up, cuz I would have been kickin myself BIG TIME if I had missed this tonight!

What a beautiful and perfectly perfect little man! I about fell outta my seat when I spotted that dimple....dimple, you say? Well, I happen to be quite partial to dimples in a baby boy :) and his is absolutely scrumptous!! AND he looks so active, alert and happy!!

Well, this just made my whole night....I know tonight your dreams will be sweet and blissful!

Thank you for sharing this slice of joy with us all!

P.S. The slideshow is fantastic!! Simone just radiates joyful happiness!

Terry said...

A good Vacation - very nice slideshow too! Looks like everyone had a grea time! And then to get updates! You couldn't ask for a better welcome home than that! He is so adorable - I love the dimple too!! And he seems to enjoy the attention for the camera! A ladies man in your future!
Thanks for sharing!

Terry said...

Had to come back and peek again!! He is sooo cute! My computer time (thanks work IT guys-ugg!) has been cut so I just had to look again before I signed out for the night! Hope you don't mind :-)

couey2007 said...

I love the dimples!!!! It looked like they might be playing "patty cake" with hime at one point!

Michelle, AL
home with Brooke 12/08

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

SO adorable!!! Look at his little happy self... complete with spit up. So content and look at him be so alert staring at the camera and anything that comes his way... I see a go getter in your future. Those women in the background remind me of my sisters... fussing all over the cuteness. I'd fuss over his cuteness anyday too... I bet you just want to kiss all over that yumminess. I really really hope soon.