Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Care Package and First Hearings & bad blogger

Care Package 2 has been sent (actually Saturday, but I was hesitant to post and move my little guys newest pictures down the screen, we all know how chatty I can accidentally get!)

So here's his little package. We sent a few outfits, some booties, a photo album a little shaker toy and a soft snugly blanket my friend Starla bought for him right after we got his referral. Simone kindly cuddled with all the items to smell em up, and Ollie actually was caught sleeping on the blanket once or twice! Wei-Che will at least recognize those two scents!

We also had our first hearing on the 20th. I am assuming no news is good news, and so far we've heard nothing. Needless to say, this has been a bit of an emotional week for me. Although I want the Wei-Che's birthmother to be confident in her decision and I want the Judge to believe we will be a good family for him, I really just want to go and get my baby! Then pick him up and then not let him go for a good long while (oh, OK...I suppose I'll let Adam hold him for a moment, but that's all!). But alas, we must wait a while more for said Judge to mull over our case and then find the time to sign off. Oh please hurry, dear Judge!

And now to the bad blogger part... I've been so very busy both at work and at home I've been neglecting both my blog and all of my blogger buddies! So much has happened with all my friends in blogger world, and I've barely looked at all my favorite blogs! I promise I'll get to them this week, I do so love to read them all and I've only had a chance to glance over them. And this is how bad it really is...I am finishing this post up on 5/21 @ 2:37, but I started it yesterday, morning! Hopefully things will slow down at work (yes Terry, I'm still allowed to blog at work, sorry to hear about you loss of blogging ability!) or I'll have a few spare moments this weekend to attend to the very important business of blogging!

Until then...farewell and adieu! J


Michelle said...

Congrats on having your court date and getting that care package out!

And I totally feel your pain...I so want to hold my Tessa...I wish I could reach into those little videos and snatch her up!

Terry said...

Congrats on your court hearing! Yes! I'm sure that all is well with the judge...go with "No news is good News". It is what has been keeping me going for a loooong while now. LOL
Very cute choices for your package too ~ love them.

What a bummer I can't blog at work!! Boo Hoo Hoo :-( I am sooo sad....Big tears here. Would you be a super blogger buddy and email me updates at work?? That would be great! They haven't surf controlled that yet (knock wood)

couey2007 said...

Great to know you have had your 1st hearing!! I hope you have our fast judge!!! I too have been a bad blogger! Sorry to hear you missed the 6th month birthday :(

MIchelle C, AL
home with Brooke 12-08

Lisa said...

Ah Jen,

Your posts always leave a smile on my face!! A big smile too!

You know my thoughts are with you this week as your case moves along this part of the journey....and by golly I hope "dear judge" hurries right along too!! For all of our waiting buddies and babies!

And your sweet care package.....such darling things! Wei-Che will love it all and know that its been sent with much much love and care. That sweet blanket is precious....and I spotted Simone's beautiful face smiling up from the photo album!

You most certainly have NOT been a bad bloggy friend....I was always hesitant to bump our boy down too and of course we all understand how crazy life gets sometimes!!

Enjoy this coming weekend with your family!! AND if you need a distraction you can always start the shopping for the next care package(twist your arm, right?? LOL !!! :) I enjoyed my retail therapy along the way! giggle.....
HUGS my friend!

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

No bad bloggers! Life takes presidence or you'd have nothing to write about! =0)

No news is DEFINITELY good news... I know from experience. And great news is always reported promptly so I am so hoping you hear prompt Happy News soon!

Great care package! I haven't sent one in a while because we never knew if we were travelling or not. You're little man is just so cute and he'll be so handsome in those clothes. So cute... my kids did the smelling thing too.

Robin said...

Congratulations on your hearing. I hope your judge moves quickly to help bring your sweet boy home.
Can I ask what county your case is being processed in ( county the baby was born in)?. If you can e-mail me that would be great:)

Great carepackage!