Monday, August 3, 2009

An Ode to Summer

Yep, I LOVE summertime. But who doesn't? There is so much about this season to love~ warm weather, sunshine, the smell of fresh cut grass, rain storms, swimming, fishing and cookouts...all the fun outdoor activities. Now I'll admit, I'm fond of all the seasons, there isn't one I like more than the other because each season holds its own special beauty. But today I present a peek at our SUMMER!

We love to grow summertime wild flowers. And Simone loves to pick them!
And the hummingbirds stopping by for a sweet drink is always a highlight in my day. This was taken from inside my kitchen.

And did I mention we love to grow flowers? We seeded our sunflowers from last year and planted them in front of the veggie garden. They are HUGE! And they are all just now opening up...

Two days later...
And yep, here's our version of a day at the pool. We had to retire our old pool Big Bertha- after giving us almost three summers she popped a hole . So we replaced it with a smaller version, we like to call Baby Blue. (See Lisa, your not the only one that names pools/pool equipment...hee hee)
And of course the pooches have their own pool....
And I love the colorful birds that come to our feeders. The pics are a bit blurry as there is only so close I can get before the birds fly off and I'm still trying to figure out the best mode for these kinds of shots. So these were taken from across the yard. The colors are just so vibrant. We've got two kinds of finches and a cardinal feasting here.

And did I also mention we love to grow veggies! We've had the best luck with cucumbers this year. They are sweet, crunchy and oh so yummy!

So those are my reasons to love the summer. Oh sure, there are plenty more summer joys, these were just a few. Please tell me what your favs are!

Today makes day 76 since the hearing...moving in on the 3 month mark, and my sweet baby is getting bigger and bigger half way across the world. But to keep it in perspective, we were told 4-6 months for the courts and we've had our papers there since the first week of April, so we are well within the time frame...I'm just rather impatient! No really, I am. Shocking for you all to hear, I know. Well, I am hoping we hear something soon, just as I hope that all my JOH and blog buddies hear whatever great news they are awaiting.

Michelle, safe travels to your daughter, I look forward to seeing those amazing first photos!
and Robin, great to hear of your hearing...I'm sure the rest of the court process will be speedy and L will be in your arms soon!



w8tn42and3 said...

Honestly... the waiting stinks! We waited 3 months, 1 week and 1 day from hearing till 1st ruling... but who's counting!


Terry said...

Summer time has so many things to do and have fun with! Those sunflowers are HUGE!! So beautiful!! Together, you and Simone have some really green thumbs, heck your whole hand must be green! :-) That is a great garden! Do you ship anywhere for the fresh produce ?? LOL

Your birds pictures are good. I understand how hard they are to catch, (for pictures) as I have deleted many myself that didn't come out so well. My favorite birds are the cardinals and we have two pairs that visit our feeder each morning. They chase away the doves so they have more seed for themselves, little stinkers!

I love your pool! Hopefully the summer weather gives you many days to relax pool side. Weather here has been very wet and rainy. Blah. Not good for pool days in the sun :-( Cute names too~ I'm sorry to hear of Big Bertha's retirement. She will be missed I'm sure. Cheers to Baby Blue and many sunny, fun filled days!

I hope that you hear some good news soon! I have been thinking about you and pray that news is just around the corner. Try to concenrate on the awesome garden you have with Miss Simone and your man. It makes the wait a little bit easier. Be strong as best you can, and vent anytime you need to!
Always ready to listen :-)

Robin said...

Great summer pictures. Summer is my absolutely favorite season as well. My favorite thing is when my kids, half way through the summer, have to ask me what day it is. Then I know it is a good summer:)
70+ days. That realy stinks! It has to be coming any day now. Hopefully 1st ruling will come this week and then you will have a fast final. I would love to be in Taiwan at the same time:)

Thank you for all your thoughtful comments on my blog. They always warm my heart. It is so nice to have company on this journey:)

Lisa said...

Oh...LOL I was reading along LOVING the radiant & lovely photos of your sweet Miss, blooms & birds, when name your pools too! Gotta love it! See, we were meant to find each other via the net, so as to share our unique sense of fun! giggle....I'm sure you will miss Big Bertha but the new friend looks grand too! A great way to beat the heat!

AND Jen, we have the black eyed Susans too( I think that's what they are called..ack!) and they are one of our favorites too; my Mom actually brought a starter bundle for us from her garden and I cherish that they have thrived here and made the journey. I love looking out at them and just knowing she sees the same thing! And now I know you do too! Yay!

Summer is glorious....glad you are relishing we just need that extra special news my friend!