Friday, August 14, 2009

Kindergarten Countdown!

Can you believe my little/big girl will start Kindergarten soon?

Well that makes two of us, for sure!

How and when did she decide to grow up on us? I swear, just yesterday she was a baby, a tiny little girl that needed me for everything! And now...well she still needs me, but not for too much.

So the countdown to big girl school has begun. We've bought new school clothes, a big back pack, school supplies like crayons, a purple pencil holder, her own school scissors...all the items on our list.

We are preparing Simone as well for this big event. We've been reading "Kindergarten Here I Come", and "A Day at Kindergarten" and of course the "Junie B. Jones" series. So what has Simone taken away from all of this preparation?

Well she is most excited that she gets to purchase a school lunch.
A real school lunch, like a real big girl.
Specifically a "hoagie".

Last night we went to Kindergarten Open House and met her new teacher and saw her new classroom. I admit, I was a bit worried, since "the roundup" went a bit less than glowing. Okay maybe a bit worse than that even. To recap...she stamped her foot and declared "I will not be going to this school". Uneasy feelings were forming in the pit of my tummy as we pulled in, I tell ya!

BUT boy did my darling surprise me! She was thrilled to meet her teacher (whom she just loves ~ and I do too!) and to explore her new room. We had a brief moment in the car when she looked a bit scared, and I told her "You'll do just fine, now let's go". And she did more than fine, she did wonderfully. She seems very ready for school next week, and even told me "Mama, I promise I won't even cry at all on my first real day".


I just hope I can keep the same promise....


Terry said...

Awww, so sweet! I think she will do fine. She will have so much fun, she will forget she was ever nervous, and that makes the moms feel better too! She says she will not cry, But Mama's are secretly allowed to let a tear or two slip by, with a huge smile! It's tough not to shed one or two tears :-} at least it was for me.

It's fun when they come home after the first day, so full of excitement, to show you all the new things, tell you about what they did, and new friends they meet! And for Simone-what she had for lunch!
Can't wait to hear all about it!!
Keep Smiling !

Lisa said...


I remember those emotions so well and I hafta agree with the ever wise Terry :) You got Mama rights here, so let those tears flow! :)

I held out until I was certain she was in the classroom and then I fled to the nearest door...and guess what? I stumbled into something like 5 other Mamas sobbing into their kleenex! We all had a good laugh and it was good for us! Of course there were also the Mamas whistling," Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" each his own! ;)

This is such a bittersweet milestone, like so many of them are. You are prepared her well and she's going to have a glorious year! I can't wait to hear all of her adventures!!

Keep us posted...gonna need pics. ya know! :)

Hugs and happy weekend sweet Mama!
Hang in there!
P.S. Please cut, paste and forward this to me on Lauren's first day of First grade! Gonna have to eat my own words

Lisa said...

yikes, sorry for the pesky typos...must try to comment during the day, NOT always at night!! :)

Teresa said...

A hoagie,huh? Cute

Caroline starts kindergarten Thursday! I'm sad and excited at the same time. I am doing the countdown too. She's nervous, but I know she'll do just fine. Me, however, I have a date with friends at Starbucks so I can do a little weeping in my coffee.

Congratulations again on your little boy. Can't wait to see him home!