Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Important decision made

After months of mulling over names for our sweet baby we have come to a decision!

We love the name we've chosen and feel happy that we have the option to name our son in memory of a family member that was very dear to my parents, and loved by all who knew him.

We also like the meaning behind the name "God has heard".
Sounds about right to me...

We really know how blessed and fortunate we are to be able to expand our family through adoption again and have been waiting a long time to be able to speak the name of our second child...our son.

Our newest family member will go by the name of

Samuel Wei-Che Friedman.

Little Sammy, Sam my little man...Samuel.


w8tn42and3 said...

I love it!

Melissa said...

Love the name Sam! As a school teacher I have total name association. One of the cutest boys that ever went through our school was named Sam! Good choice.

Lisa said...


Its beautiful and very fitting for so many reasons. What a big decision for you all and thank you for sharing it with us all!

Baby Sam is just a doll and the name is perfect on many levels!! It suits him perfectly!

AND you have two S names...Simone and sweet!!
HUGS!! And gosh, I'm so behind and still owe ya an email....maybe when things settle a bit!! :)

Robin said...

I love the name. He even looks like a Sam. COngratuations on such a big decision. Amazing how hard it is to find the perfect name. It is so wonderful that it has a family connnection. How special for Sam!

Mark & Kris said...

I know I am a little biased since we have chosen the name Samuel as well, but I love the name and it suits him well!! Kris

Terry said...

Samuel ~ That's a great name! I think it's wonderful that you can include a family member that was so close and loved. It just shows how much they meant to you and just how much your son, Samuel, means to you. Lots of love there!

Can't wait to see Samuel smiling at you when you talk to him!!
Congrats on your decision!

Dunns said...

I love Sam! He looks like a Sam too:) You should be hearing some travel news or final hearing soon??? I know this wait must be driving you crazy, because I'm at my wits end waiting! I have a small to do list but it has to wait for travel news to finish up... so we wait:(
Hang in there:)