Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Okay...now I am really most definitely ready for baby #2 to come home.

Yep, the nursery is complete, and so that must mean we are officially ready to go to Taiwan.

And just in case you are counting, like I am...it has been 3 weeks and 1 day since we heard about the first ruling. So I'm just saying... I am ready.

Below are some snapshots of just what Sammy will be able to call his very own room.
We are far from interior designers at my house - we like comfy and simple. And this is what we came up with. It really was a total group effort with all three of our ideas mingled together. Some of the items in it are from Simone's nursery and some are all new, just for Wei-Che.

Simone, Adam & I picked out the material for the window treatment and just went from there. I wanted sailboats, so we made some with the leftover material.
And it's hard to see the actual color of the room, but it is a real pale green, just a bit lighter in color than the changing table cover.

Adam sewed the window topper and I sewed the pillows. (please don't inspect too closely...)

And that interesting sailboat picture...Adam made that when he was in elementary school. The colors match perfectly so we had to include it!

I never thought I'd have a nursery with primary colors and sailboats, but here it is! And I really like it, and I hope my little guy does too.
Simone and I painted the letters for his name (below) and she donated her mobile to him. Starla and J gave us the other musical attachment, so he will have plenty to entertain him!

That lovely blanket on the crib was a gift from friends and that RedSox bear has been hanging around our house for ages...just waiting for the right little guy to come along.

And shoes. I love little baby shoes, they are so cute!

Simone keeps stacking the nesting boxes so her Di Di will know how to do it when he finally gets home. Often I'll come upstairs to find her playing quietly in here, sometimes just moving things around or folding the blankets. Maybe she gets that from me....

We still have a few (quite a few actually) things to finish up before we leave, but honestly I could be ready to get on a plane for my sweet baby tomorrow if it came down to it. So keep fingers crossed we hear some good news... and soon!



Lisa said...


I smiled through this entire post and I'm so happy to see this glimpse into his adorable nursery! I think its PERFECT and a perfect fit for him!

I absolutely love that it was a collaborative effort and the fact that Adam sews is SO impressive to me!! And I saw matching pillows on the rocker too!!!And the colors are vivid & fun and suits him to a tea! A warm, whimsical and special space for Baby Sam!

Please tell Miss Simone that we think the letters are wonderful and that all the tiny touches she is doing/adding are so sweet! What a tremendous big sis she is!!

I am sooooooooooooooooooo hoping this is YOUR week for news and that travel is just around the corner! Seems like based on other folks' timelines it could & should be any day now! Our fingers are crossed up here!

Big hugs...and wow, am I gonna be the first to comment?...yipee! :)

Robin said...

The room is so cute! I love the colors that you chose. It is such a happy room to be in. And what boy room is complete with out a red sox bear...at least in my house. The timing is looking right and I hope you hear something ASAP.

Terry said...

I love it!! Samuel will too! What a great job everyone did to make his room so special. You guys are very crafty and handy too. I don't think I could get my husband to sew! He would probably try to use the staple gun or glue somehow. LOL The sailboats look great and you & Simone did a great job painting his name. I think that makes his room even more special! Simone is going to be a wonderful big sister and I think a big help to mama too.

I hope you hear the good news you have been waiting for - I will be checking every day!!! Will be praying for good news!

w8tn42and3 said...

I just love the whole nursery! I especially love that YOU made it! That is just so special! I have always loved the sailboat bed at Pottery Barn! Love it... and you are not far behind us from what I recall so you should be getting the call very soon! We waited just shy of 4 weeks from our First Ruling.

Mark & Kris said...

I'm praying you hear news real soon!! I love the nursery and I think it is so neat everyone helped! We did it that way, too. I love how the kids are as excited as we are!! Kris

Anne Marie said...

Samuel's room is just adorable. I love the primary colors, and we have the same nesting boxes! I love how the whole family participated :)