Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Say cheese...

Cheese Farm that is!
We felt like getting out of town for the day so we drove to Sweetwater Valley Farms to tour the cheese making farm this weekend. Simone + cheese = total contentment, so she was all for it.
As you go in there is a big window where you can watch them make the cheese, if they are making it that day. They also have samples of every cheese they make, yum yum yummy!

I guess they were trying to look fashionably fall-ish below. Simone so far is thinking this whole thing is pretty cool.
We even met the farm dog, a sweet lady named Red. She was super friendly and greeted everyone that came.

Oh we were having a wonderful family day at the farm.
That is until Simone found out what a "tour of a dairy farm" really meant.

The fun and happy day melted away.

And we were left with this....

Because she was NOT going to go tromping around that....
And she was most certainly NOT going to put on a pair of these!

I quote Simone "I came for the cheese, not the cows!"

Well I came for both. So although somebody in our group was a bit reluctant (to say the least) we all took a tour of a working dairy farm. It was fun, if a little - OK a lot- stinky.

Below is one of the babies born that day. He/she was only a few hours old. Too cute!

Now this is why I mooooved to Tennessee...

Ha ha, get it...moo ved...

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Well it is rather difficult to coordinate a stylish outfit with paper slippers..... *grin*

You gotta love a gal who knows her own mind and I just bet she snuck a few peeks during the tour and shared a few smiles too! :)

Your pictures were awesome!! They really captured the emotion of the moment perfectly!! And I was so sad seeing her sweet unhappy face.... I hope more cheese samples cheered her right up!! Double yum yum!!

OKAY...been debating about saying it, but here goes.....COME ON already judge.... here I'll say....Uncle Uncle....Uncle already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thinking of you......hoping each day!