Friday, September 4, 2009

Have I mentioned I am ready?

I'm just saying...
Cause I am ready. REALLY ready in fact.

And these are the 10 reasons why:

1) Samuel's room is done and ready
2) The house is baby-proofed, carpets are cleaned
3) I have started to load up the dining room table with stuff for the trip
4) I have shopped and shopped and shopped for baby stuff. (yes Adam, I know you are well aware of this fact...)
5) There is more on my "to do" list crossed off then left to still do
6) I have a high chair, car seats, and baby toys pulled out and cleaned
7) I can't concentrate anymore. At all
8) Now what was I doing?
9) Oh ya, I can't concentrate. At all

and most of all
10) I really want my Sammy Wei home, now!

Yes. we have been super busy in our house this week. Just getting it all done so we can say that we are really ready to go get him now. Adam & I took a day off from work and cleaned the carpets (what, I watched him anyway...I was present for the cleaning), we got Wei-Che's birth mother gifts, the Foster family gifts, went to 10 or so stores trying to find just the right wrapping paper and met with our language teacher to get maps and travel information. We washed and folded all the cute little outfits for the trip and got all the baby must haves-Tylenol, teething gel, bibs and cutsie little socks. And we even had time for a quiet adult lunch together, at a real restaurant!

Now all that is left for us is to get that final ruling. I mean, it's been like 25 days...almost a month, so I think it's time. And then Adam can handle the travel plans...I won't be coming off cloud nine long enough to concentrate on those types of details!

I remember marveling at how much Lisa C. ( got done in a day when she was preparing for the trip- I was sweating reading about it.
And Robin ( in the last few weeks with all her preparations and multiple family things going on- like super woman that gal is!
So although I am not ranking myself up there with some of my amazing blogging buddies, I feel like I've gotten a lot done this week.

So now I am ready. Really ready.
I'm just saying....


w8tn42and3 said...

It is so your time! I hope you hear very soon! I remember being at that stage where I was just ready to hop on a plane.... about 1 week later our Final came... and then the reality of us going set in and ecverything seems to be falling into place now. I feel so much better now that I got all the basics for the baby! Here's wishing Labor Day means something extra special for you!


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so late finding this today and I think YOU ARE superwoman! You guys did tons in just one day, let alone this past week! I think its beyond smart to have all of this done, so you can simply cozy up & snuggle deep into that cloud nine when that joyous Final arrives! Heck, pack a small bag and spend the night on that cloud :) it will be well deserved!! I do believe there is room service too! *grin*

Thank you again for the incredibly sweet note and of course I'm thinking of you and pulling for you! I was so hoping the news would arrive today, so now I'll send positive vibes for Monday/Tuesday(cuz of the holiday & all!)....its coming....we all feel it and Jami's right....its your time!!

Thanks for the are so good to me!! :)

Happy long weekend to you all!

Anne Marie said...

Yes, it is time!!! The last two or three weeks is far more agonizing than the first two or three months IMO! I am hoping this week is your week and that you are in Taiwan before Sept. is out :) Come on Judge!!!

Dunns said...

I hope you're in the next pics too!!! Who knows we could be crossing paths or there at the same time. Were departing on Oct 1st,and arriving in Taipei on the 3rd, who know:)) praying for you!


Lisa said...

Hey Jen...just me again,

I'm thinking of you....praying your good news arrives and SOON!!

:) Hugs!!

Terry said...

You certainly did accomplish alot! And you should be very proud. Watching while others do is a job too-foreman (or forewoman), manager, supervisor, or details watcher. :-) I wish I had some extra words of wisdom, other than we are all waiting with you and hoping that each day brings you the long await for news - Final!

Maybe with the Labor Day holiday -it will bring you news to end the labor pains you are having now of WAITING!

C'mon, Judge - make Jen, Adam & Simone a happy family of FOUR!!
Thinking of you...... :-)