Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another batch of updates.

Yes, it is update day.

Samuel Wei-Che is growing very big and can do all sorts of new and exciting things like roll over and grasp objects.
His new measurments are 15.43 pd and 24.6 inches.

I just love love love these pictures and can not wait to be able to hold him and tickle him and just plain love on him.

I love how his cheeks look so full and he's got some chunkiness growing! I bet he'll be a good eater like his big sis!

And he is in another onsie we had sent. So glad they fit him! He's obviously very interested in something or someboday in the room....

And look at those feet! Too cute... I can't wait to tickle those toes and see him giggle.

And finally - the video. I must say this is my favorite so far, and I have really loved every one of them. He's so alert and really is grasping that toy. Simone said "they keep taking his toy he likes...give it back to my baby". He is just so cute!

Here you go Mom & Dad...enjoy!

See those legs kicking away! I can't believe how much he has grown and I just can't wait any longer to go get him! I used to kid that I'd jump the next flight if they gave the go, now I really mean it. Adam, Simone and I are sooo ready.

These updates were bittersweet. I'm so glad and thankful to get them, to be able to see the obvious care and love that is being given him, but....

So come on Judge! Sign/file/stand on your head... do whatever it is you need to do with that Final Ruling so we can get our Sammy Wei!



Lisa said...

Oh my gracious.....Jen, at the risk of sounding redundant ( I hope you find this comment BEFORE you find my email) :) *grin* He is simply gorgeous and I'm in LOVE!! His eyes are huge, alert and beautiful! He's taking it all in ~ and everyone around him & seems to have a sweet & laid back personality.

And there was a lot to take in.....the toys, the ladies, the voices.....and he handled it all with curiousity and grace. AND those legs a'kickin'.....irrestistable!!

Cutest little toes too....they look perfect for Mama to tickle! :)

And sweet Simone already looking out for her baby brother; she will be a glorious big Sis!

I hope & pray your news arrives tomorrow and I know you are ready to get on that plane! I can't wait to see you all together and follow your joyous journey!


Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

He's like, "Alright already, let me eat that bug!" Look at him going with those legs. And my he has skinny feet... I only notice because we were so incredibly shocked by Milana's wide feet... so wide! Look at his sweet sweet face... he is soooo very handsome. Yes, Judge, please bring him home soon... Simone needs to give her brother his toys. ;0) You have to give that boy one big zerbit right on the bottom of that cute foot! Awesome update. Need the ultimate one now... ok now.... ok now... for real. Keep breathing mama and sending hugs your way. :0) Sara.sofa

Anne Marie said...

Wow, Jennifer, he just gets more and more gorgeous -- his eyes and eyelashes are unbelievable!

Where oh where is that judge! You have been waiting *way* *too* *long*! I am really hoping you hear something this week and that you are off to Taiwan before you know it!

Melissa said...

Aww, he is such a little dumpling!! He is the same age as Ella but he still looks like a baby. Ella looks like she will be ready to borrow the car when we bring her home ;)

Terry said...

Oh my gosh - HOW did I miss this ?!?!?!? I must have been on Pluto! I am so sorry!!

He is so adorable!! Not to mention alert, active and very into all the people. I'm with Simone, give him back the toys!
I love his little legs and feet, just goin' and goin' and goin'.

I wish I could do some quick happy judge dance to move things along, but I don't know any. I will look into and try it. Visit me in traction when you get back from Taiwan, and bring pictures of your handsome Samuel!!!
Hugging the monitor sending you good thoughts! :-)

Anne Marie said...

Just checking in again to say, "Where is that ruling?!?" I am so hoping you hear something soon, like today soon because this is getting ridiculous!!!!!!!

Robin said...

Oh my gosh he is soooooo cute! I just love his little smile. Come on judge lets get the show on the road.

Robin said...

Hey Jennifer- I sent you an email:)