Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Big Sleep-Over...part deux

Yep...the saga continues, even as we speak!

We spent the afternoon and early evening with our good friends for J's 4 yr birthday party. As I gave the 15 minute warning my little/big girl pleaded...

"please Mama, can I please have a sleep-over here?"
With J quickly adding "oh please oh please can she stay?"


Now you have to know this, we have been friends with Mom & Dad there for 6+ years, the girls have known each other since Simone was 1 and J was born. So needless to say, its as close to family as we've got here, besides Aunt Jody (who lives in the same neighborhood and was at the party as well). The comfort level on all parts is pretty high for both the parents and the girls.

But still my Mama heart had a bit of a struggle. I honestly thought my dear dumpling would not be ready for this for a much longer time! And, well...I'm most certainly not ready!

But I was very out numbered...
So I thought hard about it and figured the worse that can happen is I'll have to get Adam up out of bed at 1 AM to retrieve her, right. (Yep, Adam...HE was the biggest pusher of the whole thing so he should have to drive in the dark!) After a dozen or so texts back and forth with updates on the night... the girls were sound asleep. No fear, no crying, and no missing Mama too much! Ouchy!

So now I am waiting for them to finish breakfast so I can zip super quick over there and scoop up my little/big girl and bring her home! I've missed her so much this morning!

I must say though, I really am proud of her...six months ago this wouldn't have ever been an option (for either of us). Each month she is getting more self assurance, and that really is a good thing.

Plus I got to sleep in past 7!


Robin said...

Hey! Way to go Simone and Mommy. you are definately a braver soul than me. Glad you made it through the night and got the bonus of sleep in the morning.

Lisa said...

Oh wow! I wasn't expecting a part 2 this soon! Yay for your brave and adventurous big girl! :) Even if a Mama's heart does lurch a bit....(and mine did too while our Miss was with my folks!)

I KNOW that she must have missed you too, despite texts to the otherwise! :) I'm sure she was thrilled when you arrived!!

And sleeping in....well, that is not to be underestimated!! Yay for Mama!

Honestly this is a big step and I know you must be proud & rightly so!

I'm thinking of you....what a big bunch of milestones you have had in such a short time...why does it always seem to go like that?? I guess sometimes we just go along for the ride! Hang on my friend....I'm using both hands! LOL
Hugs! Lisa

Terry said...

This was a big step for Simone and for Mom! I think you were stronger than I was for the first sleep over Em, ever had. I know I didn't sleep much at all that night. And like you, I couldn't WAIT to pick her up. I missed her soooo much. Even now, when the kids are at a friends house or even at the grandparents, the house is way too quiet and I miss them!

Sounds like you handled it very well, again, a strong mom! Why does being strong have to hurt a bit sometimes? It's hard to let them go, even if it's for a minute!But there is nothing like when they see Mom and you getting a huge hug! Makes all the worries go away.

Good for you to get some extra sleep too!