Monday, August 10, 2009

First Ruling is in!!!!

Yippeee!!!! We just heard from our Taiwan Coordinator that our FIRST RULING is IN!!!! I am so happy and received that we got this news.

OK, to recap what this means...
The First Ruling, or first decree is the statement that is signed by the Judge (in Taiwan) and forwarded to all involved parties notifying everybody of his/her decision to finalize the adoption. There is a 10 day waiting period before anything more can happen, to allow enough time for all of the parties to be notified.

Once the 10 days have passed the second part, or the Final Decree, is issued and the adoption is finally complete! We then have to wait for our appointment with AIT's immigrant visa office so we can travel and bring little Wei-Che home!

We don't have an actual time line for all of this, but we are hoping we get to travel within a month or two. (OK I'm actually hoping to travel next week, but even the most optimistic of attitudes won't get the court process/AIT appointment done faster)

Also, our sweet little guy turned 6 months old yesterday! I hope we get to meet him soon, before too many more months go by! We should get some updates soon (this week?) and I am anxiously awaiting them to see how big he is getting!

We're getting closer little guy!! Soon we'll be together!


w8tn42and3 said...

Congratulations! You are now one step closer to your little guy! We receieved our first ruling on July 30... maybe we will see you in Taiwan!

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

WWWWAAAAAAHHHHOOOOOO!!! FINALLY! This is so awesome and you are soon off to hold forever your little man and be family together soon. Almost there and we are so happy for you. Oh goodness, I bet you are so excited to squish his cuteness!! =0) Sara

couey2007 said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I can still remember how exciting it was to hear that the 1st ruling was held!! Start packing now, get the gifts ect. You will be traveling before you know it. If you need any travel advice just email me! Watch my blog for our 1st Families with Children from Taiwan living in the south LOL! We hope to be able to meet all of you soon.

Michelle C, AL

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

WOOOHOOO!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! I am soooo excited for you :) That is wonderful! :) I know you are ready to go NOW!!!!! I can't wait to be where you are with our journey to Jeremaih :)


Dunns said...

woohoo!!! That's awesome news!! I hope you received travel dates very soon!!

Michelle said...

Woohoo!! Congratulations!!!!

Robin said...

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!!!!!!!! That is such great news. Wow-the judge got right down to business after the big typhoon! Maybe we will get to travel together:) Happy 6 months sweet baby boy! It would be icing on the cake to get new pictures following your first ruling.

Lisa said...

Yay...oh Yay!! Oh we are dancing here with big ole goofy grins! Hey, a little (or a lot ) of positve attitude sometimes goes a long is hoping for the very fastes Final Ruling EVER and oh yes, I hope that's a trend for all the families still waiting!

OH MY FRIEND....this is joyful news...sending big happy wishes and sure to do a happy ditty on cloud nine for good can't hurt!


Terry said...

SUPER HUGE CONGRATS!!!! This is wonderful news and I am so happy for you!! What an awesome birthday gift as you hear that you are one more step closer to hugging and kissing him ~hopefully you can give those saved up birthday kisses, in person, for his seventh month birthday!!!!
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for final ruling and travel dates!!
And new pictures would be really awesome too! :-)