Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Big Sleep Over

Yep, my little/big girl and her bestest pal have been bugging us Mama's for weeks now to have a sleep-over. When asking Simone who will be sleeping at whose house she immediately puts her pal up on the chopping block...she's certainly not going to leave her house, her puppy dogs, her big bed and favorite pillows for a whole night, not unless Mama comes! So it is decided that J will spend the night at our house.

Squeals of delight are heard by both humans and canines alike throughout the greater Knox area.

So the day finally arrives. J packs her back pack with her favorite pillow, her comfiest pj's, her toothbrush, and of course the most beloved of her stuffed animals. This is the day they have been waiting for weeks!

We meet at the park for some live music, swimming and playground action. Lots of giddy excitement about the "big sleep-over". We decide to all go to the designated sleeping local ( house) just to make sure the decision is in fact final.
All goes well, the girls get in their pj's and get their cuddly toys all ready and even go up and check out the bed, decide who gets what side and all that.

All goes well that is, until Mommy & Daddy are ready to leave. Then J decides to quietly pack her favorite pillow, her clothes from the day, her toothbrush, and of course the most beloved of her stuffed animals right back in her little back pack so she can go to sleep in her own house, with her kitty cats, her big bed and favorite pillows... and most importantly, her Mommy & Daddy right down the hall. No swaying her decision, she was simply going home...the sleep over was officially over.

Oh well, they sure tried! I guess the big sleep-over will have to wait a bit longer. I don't think any of us Moms and Dads are too sad about that...


a Tonggu Momma said...

Isn't that always the way it happens? Heh. The Tongginator has yet to have a sleep-over, but she is obsessed with the book "Ira Sleeps Over." J did great for her first attempt!

Robin said...

LOL! That was a valiant effort if ever there was one! You may have more luck with the faux sleep over. With this you go to your friends house for the "sleep over" in your favorite pj's, have a little dinner, play, watch a movie in your sleeping bag and when it is time to go to sleep your Mom picks you up and brings you home.

I give you many kudo's. I keep telling my boys they have to be 10...but then again they are boys and their time table is very different than the girls.

Nicole said...

Ohhh, that's a cute story about the sleepover-my daughter says she wants to have a sleepover too-she's only 6, i say . . . you can wait a little bit longer. Then she says, "ok, can i have a late over!" Yes, late over, i guess that's the slang for having a friend over LATE! :)

Lisa said...

*grin* Ah yes, I too have a little Miss who fancies a sleepover and like your sweet Miss, prefers for the buddy to come ot our house! LOL Boy, they are a clever bunch!

I love the effort they made though and who knows? time it might stick! Maybe a camp out in the backyard with Mama nearby in another tent?? ACK! What am I saying?? That's lunacy....just ignore me...frankly for me, camping means a well equipped cabin(WITH plumbing) near a lake! ha! ha!

Sweet sweet story....thanks for sharing this big ole smile!

Happy Thursday and hope that AIT bizzness :) got worked out!

Terry said...

Ahhh, sleepovers! They are a blast and they get better over time! Although I didn't sleep much the first time my Miss went to another friend's house, worried Mama here, sleeping with the phone right next to me, just in case ya know? :-)
The girls had the best intentions- so cute! What a fun story !!