Monday, August 24, 2009

The big K day!

Yep, the big day finally came. Friday morning we woke up before the birds (no was way early!) and we got ready for Simone's first official day of Kindergarten! She was ready to move and groove and she got dressed, brushed her teeth & her hair before the sun was even shining!

Her "first day of school" dress.

And she is off!
Here we are going in!

And finding her cubby!

And her seat! She was so excited and so brave.
And she even took the school van back to her daycare center!
(Yes, Mama went to her big school and hid in the bushes to make sure she got on okay, and then followed it back to her daycare...)

Look at those smiles though! She had a GREAT first day of Kindergarten!

She really did do wonderful and she was very excited about her new school adventures! She made two new friends, loves her teacher and really liked buying a school lunch. No, it wasn't a hoagie but that was okay with her, they had plenty of other yummy things.

Now I'm not going to lie, there were some tears shed.

Oh no...not by my warrior princess, she did great.

I'm just glad I was able to hold it together till I got in the hallway before my boo hoos started! And not to embarrass my dear hubby, but those blue eyes weren't exactly dry either!
Wow, time has really flown. I don't think I expected this milestone to come so quickly, but I am so proud of her! And I guess she is also now officially my "big" girl...


Teresa said...


Sniff, sniff....


She's so much braver than her mama, apparently ;)

She looks so grown up already. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into my immediate future with Caroline. I home schooled Peter until 2nd grade so I didn't have the experience of taking him to Kindergarten. This will be new for me.

Pretty soon you will have your little boy and a new kind of fun begins!! Yay!

Thanks for the comments on my blog. Someday, I hope we meet in person! :)

Lisa said...

Ohhhh...I know, I know...I already babbled about some of this in my email to ya, but gosh, this was super and beyond sweet!

What a beautiful, big & brave girl! What an emotional, glorious & even hard day for Mama & Daddy too! :) I feel emotional just reading it and then remembing our big girl's (big) day last year! We head for First grade this week....I'll let ya know if it gets any easier...somehow I kinda doubt it! LOL

Her first day of school dress was lovely, as was her smile! I laughed so much at your "bush" spy activity and I did much the same thing! I'm surprised to you didn't bump into any other Mamas in that bush! ;)

Yay for you both....another big milestone, and so many more to come!

Casey said...

Awww...beautiful pictures!!!

Love the update photos too.


Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Ah, she looks adorable! Don't you love when they are all brave and you are just fighting tears!? I did that yesterday too. Except I had to hide it because my husband would have started laughing. ha ha He thinks it's sweet but he can't help but laugh and then try to coddle me.

You hid in bushes... hee hee I still hang out with my 4th grader... it doesn't go away. ha ha Simone, excellent job! WOOHOO! Here's a tissue mama... I have a whole box, because I swear it is more nerve wracking for me!

Terry said...

Wow, she looked GREAT! And she was just so relaxed about it, like she has been going for years! Bet that made you proud! I know that it's not easy letting them go especially on that first day. Big hugs and high fives to you for your job well done Mom and Dad!!!

And an extra high five for your ability to hide in the bushes, unnoticed! I love the bushes story! C'mon, we, as mama's have done this for years!! We have followed the bus, made sure your child arrives safely and then you can rest, just a little, when you get a thumbs up from the teacher, signaling all is well. She did wonderful!!

It sounds like Mom (and Dad) did a great job being brave too. Tears are good and it shows how much you love her!
Your pictures are adorable! Lots of happy smiles !! I Love her 'first day' dress too- that's always fun to pick out. Ummm, Did dad happen to take a picture of mom hiding ? :-) Would love to see that. So cute!

Can't wait to hear all about her other accomplishments in school~way to go Simone!!!
and Mom :-)

Robin said...

Oh what a big day you all had. COngratulations to Simone on her 1st day of Kindergarten. It is great that she was so comfortable and enjoyed her big day. LOL about the bushes. It is SO hard to watch them grow up. I really do not like the 1st day of school. The kids are all happy to go and happy to come home, but for me it is the looongest day with butterflies in my stomach.