Thursday, July 30, 2009

So I've been thinking lately.
Yes, I hear all of your groans...but this thinking doesn't involve anybody having to listen to me rant about adoption, pick up a paintbrush or even buy me a pony. No, it's not that kind of thinking.

Because I've been thinking that I need a catch phrase... you know like my own "trademark saying".

Like- let's see...
Emirel has "Bam"
Joey Tribbiani had "How YOU doin'?"
Walter Cronkite finished the evening news with "And that's the way it is"
The bad guy on Scooby Doo always said " if it weren’t for you meddling kids!"
Spock parted ways with a "Live long and prosper"
Fonzie made "Aaay" popular
Who could forget The Soup Nazi and "No soup for you!"
The Terminator had "Hasta la vista Baby!"
And even my friends 4 yr old son enjoys bestowing an occasional " Bow Chicka Wah Wah" on us... it's "his thing"

So, I've been thinking that I could use one too!
But I need mine as a way of signing off, a way to wrap it up. I am at a loss sometimes for a good way to sum it up on this blog (and sometimes in life!). So I've been thinking of what a good "catch phrase" could do for me. I just can't come up with one...where do you even start when trying to create your own catch phrase?

Geesh, I hope all of the good ones haven't been taken!
Hmmmmmm, let's see.

"And that's all for now, folks." No, I sound like Porky Pig.
"Thank you and goodnight." No, too talk show host-ish.
"Peace/shalom. " No, I'm not a Rabbi

OK, seriously.
Do you all hear the empty silence of my brain?

Well, maybe I should just forget this whole thing, I mean...who really even needs a "catch phrase". I'm really not cool enough to pull it off anyway. And besides, it's just too much more to remember and we all know I'm sorta not great in that department these days (hellooo...all I can think of is where my one little ruling may be...72 days later...but who's really counting?)

So I think I'll just continue signing off as I always have...


Lisa said...

Yes, you are SO cool enough to have a catch phrase, thank you very much! :)

I've been racking my you hear the crickets?? LOL This is what I get for checking blogs at night! ;) Hmmm...could you adapt something from your inspiration? Or how about simply....Mama of 2 (treasures) signing off..... OR I like your usual sign off too..... :)

I owe ya an email...gonna try tonight! The baby is teething aplenty, so its been nutty here!

Dunns said...

LOL... too cute! Now you have me thinking of catch phase for myself..?? I did not realize how close our timelines..our court May 22nd. Will you hear about our 1st ruling. I'm with Cathwel and they do not share those milestones with the families... so I'm really in limbo continuously.


Robin said...

Hi Lisa-
Happy Summer to you too!
I think that not only are you cool enough to have a catch phrase but that you may actually be too cool to have one:)
I hope you hear about 1st ruling soon. It may not be today due to the Typhoon over there unfortuantely. Who knew how hard the waiting could be. I think it is the uncertaintly that gets to me. It just weighs on you.

Thanks for the well wishes in your post:) You are so sweet.