Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I found my inspiration!

Years ago, gosh maybe before I even met Adam, I found this wall hanging that inspired me, made me laugh a bit. It went up in my little apartment bathroom and had been hanging in every bathroom I had for years after that.
And some of you may remember a certain wedding toast by a bro-in-law who's name begins with a T and ends with a d...hmmm. Yep this was the basis for his toast on Adam & my wedding day. Totally hilarious and obviously memorable!

Well, then Simone came into our lives and the guest bathroom became her jungle. When she turned 2 she wanted a jungle bathroom and so Mama's decorations came down and lions, giraffes and toucans went up!

So this weekend we were cleaning the basement-preparing for our newest arrival- and I was going through boxes of paintings and pictures we just never got through after our move to Tenn.

That is when I found my inspiration again!

Sometimes these days I need a little inspiration, a little something to laugh at, just like back when I first found it. So needless to say, my inspiration is back on the bathroom wall where I can giggle- or daydream- when I brush my teeth.

So here's to our inspirations, big, small and maybe even a bit corny...



Terry said...

Jen, Take the inspiration, any way, any time you can get it. The waiting is hard, its frustrating, and seems like it's toooo long, (I can relate) so if this brings you a smile as you are brushing your teeth~ you go girl! It's not corny :-)

I hope that you hear some good news soon, really soon!! Maybe it will show up as you are reading your inspiration, & polishing your smile in the morning! :-) I'm praying for good news soon

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

love your blog and yoru inspiration :)


Lisa said...

Oh, I like that A LOT! I have to agree with the ladies....take that inspiration in any form and at any time AND this one is just pure fun!!

I read it as best i could and please sign me up for the "wear p.j.'s to a drive-in-movie" and "follow a child"....that could be my life's work ya know! lol

I think in a way too your inspiration would understand its hiatus to the basement too; it would be the first to say, "yes, bring on the toucans and jungle fun!" :) lol

I'm glad you found an extra laugh today....you deserve it! Waiting is hard......your time is coming and that news had best be right around the corner!

Hugs and happy thoughts....