Monday, July 13, 2009

What summer fun...catching fireflies!

We have so many of them this year, maybe because of all the rain we've had. So Friday night we decided to try to catch them. Simone was pretty good at it. We believe in the "catch and release program" so they were only contained for a few minutes, and then she'd catch the next one! Who knew you could make an evening out of catching bugs? And a fun one at that!
Ah-ha...caught it!
I caught a big one myself....see!
Still no news on our first ruling, but I am holding out hope that there will at least be updates this week. I need my Wei-Che fix, and I want to see how big my baby boy is getting!
Oh, and I guess I'd take that ruling too, I mean I'm just saying...


Terry said...

So much fun catching fireflies! We did that not that long ago too. Had a fun evening and come to think of it, we have alot more here too...lets hope they are the good fairies bringing good news for updates and referrals!

Hope you get new pictures this week!

couey2007 said...

Great photos!! I hope you hear good news soon!!!

Michelle C, AL
home 12/08 Brooke

Lisa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! You absolutely caught the prettiest and most radiant of all that night! :)

The photos are brilliant and what a glorious way to spend a family night! I am a firm believer in the simple things often being the sweetest and bestest!! Is that a word?...well, in bloggy land I sure better be! :)

You girls both look radiant, beautiful and so joyful in your pic together!

I SOOOOOO hope your good news comes this week too.....updates, rulings, maybe both rulings? Hey, it could happen!! :)
HUGS!! Lisa