Monday, July 20, 2009

Play Ball!!

Being the big baseball fan I am (NOT...) I was thrilled for the opportunity to go to a baseball game this weekend! OK, I was thrilled for the chance to get out of town for the weekend with my family...the game was just a good excuse! But it was fun and Simone had a blast. Well, until she fell asleep during the second inning. Yep, sound asleep from innings 2-6. Big ball fan like her Mama I guess.

Now being from New England (Go BoSox!!) we are not really fans of either team we saw play, but we cheered for the Braves since we were in their stadium. We didn't see a single player score and the innings we stayed for went very fast.

Adam's company gets tickets every year for their clients and we got to the stadium well before the game to chat with other folks and eat yummy ball game food, hence Simone's exhaustion by game time!
Oh and how cool was this! They had race cars that did a lap around the field! Adam and I really had fun and just wish Simone had stayed awake to enjoy also.

And here comes the part about getting away for the weekend. My stipulation to going to the game (Atlanta is a 3+ hour drive...) was that we got to make a weekend out of it and stay in a hotel and swim and eat out and not have two little stinky dogs following us around. (Yes, and I missed them still) So we stayed downtown and got to do all of the above mentioned things (plus we went shopping...yipee!) Here's our beautiful view from our room. OK, so not all that lovely, but we weren't in the room that much and again...we were out of town on a fun family weekend. Hopefully it's our last family trip without Wei-Che.
I'm just saying.

And my "shy" little girl decided to wow the crowds at the Hard Rock with a little song and dance number. Daddy got on stage too. My little hams! Really, this is in the middle of the restaurant. Simone actually is fairly shy, but Atlanta brought out the wild child... She was up there for a good 20 minutes and would have stayed longer if it wasn't time to eat!

Our waiter took a family picture of us. Do we look like we'd had a busy day? I think we headed back to the hotel and passed out within a 1/2 hour of the picture!

So that was our fun weekend in Atlanta.

Oh and for the shopping part...we stopped at the outlet malls on the drive home. What fun! (yes my other stipulation to going was that) We got Simone some new school clothes and a big girl back pack for Kindergarten. And we got quite a bit of cutsie little clothes for my little Wei-Che. Not knowing what size he'll be when he FINALLY comes home we opted for mostly 9-12 month outfits, with a few 12 months in there too. Fun Fun Fun! So he now has lots of little outfits in his closet!

So nope, no news on the court ruling and NO UPDATES yet this month! See why I needed to just get away..? Not getting updates on Friday made it a tough night, but I am holding out hope we will get to see our sweet little dumpling soon this week. Like today would be great...



Nicole said...

Hi! Wow-looks like you guys had fun on your vacation as well! :) I remember seeing your pictures of Vermont and being so jealous-it looks so nice and relaxing. Yes, we did have fun on our trip to WI. Although, it was good to come home again.

Your son is adorable along w/ your daughter-love her dancing up there on stage-how fun! Here's to hoping you're traveling soon!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

My best friend and I were counting the days until kindergarten - it is coming up FAST! Ack!

And how can you NOT like the Braves?!?!!! Gasp. I was totally in crush with Chipper Jones when I was in college.

Lisa said...

OH, a gal who puts conditions of those baseball weekends, just like me!! :) LOVE THAT!! Oh, please do showcase all the shopping retail finds as time allows and please tell your glam girl, she makes a beautiful starlet!!

AND I know/hope/pray that your updates arrived today....and I KNOW you must be looking again & again....I am so anxious to see and will be checking back first thing tomorrow to see that gorgeous baby boy face!! Yay!!

And I'm praying some other good news came right along with 'em!!