Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Updates!

FINALLY!!! July Updates of our little man!

We finally got our updates last night.

These were taken on June 30th, so he was 4 & 1/2 months. He weighed in at 13.22 pds and 23.62 inches. Doesn't appear from the measurements that he's put on much/if any weight but he looks like he's put on some- his cheeks look fuller. But isn't he so cute!

OK, some of you may remember Simone and the tongue, well looks like he's taking after his big sis! (her tongue was out in almost every photo for the first month or two she was home!)
I just love these updates! He is getting so big and I am really so in love with his sweet little face! Simone wants to know where his hair is...
I told her I am obviously destined to have hair challenged babies, as she was bald as a bowling ball till well after her first birthday!

I think he is trying to get that hand in his mouth as you'll see in the video...we may have a thumb-sucker on our hands! He looks a bit nervous also, just makes me want to scoop him up an love and cuddle him even more!

So there are our wonderful July updates. I can't believe how in love I am with my little dumpling! This really makes me pray for the ruling soon! (as if I wasn't before...)

So here's hoping for some good news this week, for us and of course for all my JOH buddies, and my blog buddies that are waiting for good news. COME ON referrals, hearings, RULINGS and travel appointments!!!!

I also want to give a big welcome to my new PAP (prospective adoptive parent) friend and her wonderful family...Welcome to the roller coaster, Gabi! I know you and your family will have an amazing journey and I am so excited for you all!

Happy update day to everyone!



Robin said...

He has the sweetest face. I love the all the new pictures. I think all the twca updates were done on June 30th! Must have been a noisy day there :) Hope you hear so good court news soon.

Lisa said...

Yay! I was so hoping to see this this morning!! AND he is just beautiful and so alert! I absolutely think he may be a potential thumb sucker and the good news there is that they never drop or lose that thumb! :)

Jen, he truly is just the very sweetest & I love that tiny precious tongue! Simone must be so proud and just tickled to see her baby growing! Hair challenged babies....lol....well, Simone has gorgeous locks now, and so will this little dumpling.

Wishing, praying & hoping for MORE good news to come this week! I know the wait is so hard and the updates make it all the harder to be patient!

I also think he looks smashingn in baby blue btw; I hope you are stocking up on plenty! :)

HUGS and happy Tuesday; I KNOW just what you will be doing every spare moment today!!

Jeff and Amy Bryant said...

He is so sweet! I am so glad that the updates finally arrived! I know you are not so patiently awaiting the chance to bring that sweet boy home. Prayers sent for a ruling soon!


Dunns said...

Hi Jennifer,

Your little man is beautiful!! I know you can't wait to hold him too! Are you with Cathwel? Who knows, we could be traveling at the same time. There are several families that are on the same timeline!! I'm going to put together a separate feeder on my blog of those.

Praying for 1st ruling for you!!!


couey2007 said...

Great photos. I know it is exciting and disappointing when you get you update. It always made me sad I was not there and wish I had MORE photos and video!! Hang in there!

Teresa said...

He's sooo cute! A handsome little guy for sure. Looking forward to seeing him home and in your arms forever.

Thanks for the comments on my blog.

Terry said...

WOW, he is sooo cute!! I agree, he likes his thumb more than the camera. Very happy to hear that you received updates & photos, but I will keep on praying for news soon. Can't wait to see that post!

We just came back from vacation and all this good news!!!!