Wednesday, July 15, 2009

OK, I am definitely ready.
For the baby to come home I mean. No, really. I am ready.
So now I just need one or two little my rulings! But other than that I am ready.

You see, I had this...
On Sunday my Aunt Jody and friend Starla threw a very nice shower for me & the little guy. It was so much fun, but odd since I don't know when he will be home! They didn't want to wait too long though...just in case.
Well, that and the fact that somebody over here who's been a bit high strung these days has been hitting the baby store pretty hard lately and they were worried that I, umm -I mean that person would buy it all up!
And yep, that is the only picture I have...I forgot to take more during the shower (did I mention the yummy Sangria that was served...uh-hum). Starla & Jody took a bunch though, so I'll post them when they send them to me. So you see, I am now officially ready.
Thank you for the wonderful shower!

And last week we sent out another care package to Wei-Che. We kept it small, three little outfits, a package of onsies and a few toys. Oh and a camera. Below is my little wonton modeling the goodies.
And another view of the same stuff...
And speaking of "care packages"... Last night I received one myself! My dear sweet blog buddy, Lisa, sent me a little package of goodies for Wei-Che! I knew she was sending a sample of a bottle, but boy was I surprised when I opened up the pkg and found these adorable items! so very thoughtful! Thank you so much Lisa! You made my night - my week- and I will think of you every time Wei-Che uses these wonderful items! The snuggly blanket is definitely coming to Taiwan with us and I love the color of the onsie -perfect!

But.........not only did I get a surprise, Simone did also. Her sweet "bestest log buddy, Lauren" sent her a way cool big sis shirt that had Simone just thrilled to the tip of her toes!

Simone says Thank you, Thank you, Lauren!!! You are so sweet to think of her!! She LOVES the shirt and was thrilled to show off her big-sis status officially!

And even though I am ready, I have not gotten my ruling today. Therefore I will be hoping very hard for our updates! I need something here... Hopefully my next post will be some adorable new pictures and a video of my sweet baby!



Michelle said...

Waiting is so hard.'s hoping that civil comes VERY soon!

Lisa said...

Oh Jen....that was just the sweetest; I can't believe you included our little goodies in your fabulous post and I thank you! Lauren will be so tickled to see Simone in her tee and of course she looks just fabulous in it!!

AND you so deserved that shower and I'm glad it was the distraction you needed! Course retail therapy is never wrong'm a big believer in it afterall! :)

LOVE the care package; Wei-Che will feel all the love and care that went into each thoughtful choice; and what a keepsake to have his beautiful big Sis documenting each and every one sent! Wonderful wonderful idea!!

Sooooo hoping/praying those rulings come in tandem with those may hear our screams/whoops of joy all the way down there!! :)

Hugs and thoughts.....thank you for always brightening our days too!!

Terry said...

WOW! What wonderful surprises you received! Your shower sounds like it was at the most perfect time for a 'pick me up'. You have a great bunch of family, friends and bloggy friends. Very thoughtful Lisa and Lauren! :-) Can't go wrong with any of those things.

I really hope you hear some exciting news and receive great pictures soon. How awesome would that be they if came in at the same time??? I'm keeping my finger & toes crossed for that!! Every little bit will help and they only thing it will hurt is me, after I trip over my toes tangled, right? :-)

Hang in there ~ your little man will be home soon!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Those last few days waiting are so very difficult. What lovely friends you have, helping to pass the time with a shower and blessings.

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

I can feel your excitement from over here... with all my rucus in my house, I couldn't help but start wondering how everything was going with you. I'm cheering for you and can't wait for you to be over in that marveous heat kissing the sweetest little boy for the first time ever! hang in there ready girl... hopefully I have more time to keep checking back and won't miss anything. =0) Sara