Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So, my camera is broken

Yep, over the holidays it just conked out on me. And you'd think I would make it a priority to get a new one, but I just haven't had the time! And there are so many moments that would be great to capture on film, or digital card or whatever...
Like the other night when I walked up stairs to find a decapitated plush cow and white stuffing ALL OVER the hallway, and Oliver in the midst looking rather guilty (then Simone came up the stairs and stepped on the the prized moo maker ~ the reason Ollie pulled all of the stuffing out~ and said "oh great, now I'm all slobbery and mooy" too cute!) Or last week when we actually got some snow, a rarity around here, and Simone romped around in it, made snowballs and snow angels. But alas, no camera to capture her glee and joy! Or like today when she finally wore her Chinese outfit and I put her hair in these two braids and she looked so adorable (I'm allowed to say that, my genes were not involved in her looks and I personally find her quite adorable, hee hee)...yep, that moment will not be caught on camera either.
And to be honest I'm going through some major withdrawals, because I can't take pictures and I can't post them here on my blog. These are the things that have helped to keep me sane during this whole adoption wait! So, to fill my needs I went on another trip down memory lane and pulled a bunch of pictures from the years past, at least as far back as I had on snapfish!
Sorry to be so very boring, these were not picked because they are great pictures, I picked them because they bring back great memories! So here they are...

We had just moved to TN 2 weeks before!

Wasn't she cute! All sassy with her hand on hip action...
Summer time 2007 below!
Really, we went shopping like this... she loved her outfit!
Think we like to dress up?
I know, I know...Poor Oliver! (he loves it)
And Tinkerbell is ready to get some candy!
Thanks Daddy for getting us into the sky box!
He used to be MY dog!
And my baby is growing up!!!
So that's it, that is my short walk over the last 2 years of memories! Wow, where did time go?
And now, priority numero uno is to get a new camera this weekend!


Lisa said...

Oh, I could take that trip down memory lane everyday! I too was lamenting about your camera woes as I have been needing my beautiful Simone fix! Really, no one wants to see a grown woman beg, right? :) giggle....

LOVE the dress up, LOVE the sweet & gorgeous face behind the tulle!

And your pup....they ARE such fickle creatures....but their cuteness factor makes up for it!

Incredible photo of you 2 girls too! Beautiful! Your joy of being Simone's Mama just leaps off the page!

Happy camera shopping my friend and thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

I LOVE Memory lane!! Those are some awesome shots... I'm a sucker for the leaves... reminds me of my childhood. Thanks for all the shots... they sure did make me smile. =0)