Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Happy Birthday to my Dad!

It's my Dad's Birthday today! I won't disclose his age, but as you can see he is quite young.
And he's the best Dad & Poppa we could ask for! He'd do anything for his grand daughters and spoils them totally! He'll even play Barbies with Simone, her favorite thing to do these days!

So Happy Happy Birthday to my Dad!
We love you!


Lisa said...

Any Poppa that will play Barbies is a true gem!

Happy birthday to Simone's Poppa!! ( and your wonderful Dad!)

Poppa bob said...

Thank you Jenny, Adam & Simone,
That was very nice. Sorry that I missed your call last night, was playing fireman. All the deer miss Simone, but I am feeding them, and they LOVE her special recipe.
We're expecting more snow, so have to go get ready for that.
Be good, love you all.
Dad/Poppa Bob