Friday, January 2, 2009

A few more deer pictures, cause they are sooo cute!

Here's a few more photo's of the deer that come to my parents house in the winter. These were taken during the day, which is a rare but amazing time to see them. They like to come and eat the black sunflower seeds that my Dad puts out.

Adam took these shots through the window and as you can see she finally got a bit nervous and headed on her way.
As for the reindeer food...well you see, Poppa's deer are the "special helpers" for Santa's sleigh. When Donner or Blitzen get tired or hungry, Santa exchanges that deer for one of Poppa's and then drops them back off when they are done delivering presents. So we put out Poppa's special recipe that helps give them that extra boost! It is made with oats, cinnamon, sugar, jimmies (or sprinkles depending on where you grew up), and some glitter if you have it handy. You mix it up nicely, of course by hand! And viola-reindeer food.

Now wasn't that fun!


Lisa said...

Sooooo sweet! :) And the picture of your Dad with his grandbabies is so precious and special. Both girls look absolutely enthralled and enchanted! The magic of Grandpa!! :)

I had a moment to show Lauren all the pictures too and she adored the snowman. Said he looked "cool... & tasty for all the creatures" and that Simone did,"an awesome job!" :) The deer shots sent her into complete bliss and she is ready to go sledding sometime with Simone! :) She loved it all!!

And I'm so sorry that I have not written you back yet; I was tickled to get your email & when I have a "real moment" (what's that? lol) plan to send chapter, I mean a response! :) Your notes always brighten my day!! Thank you!!

Happy Friday!! Hugs!!


Mark & Kris said...

Thanks for the deer feed recipe. I can't wait to make it with my girls! I love your pictures!!

Our family said...

Wow, fantastic pictures!!!

Happy New Year!!