Monday, January 12, 2009

A great new blog

Blog site:

Located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, in the village of Barton, overlooking Crystal Lake on Rt. 16, Jenny's Collectibles is a delightful and fascinating adventure into old time Vermont.

So this is my Mom's shop, named after yours truly...

My Mom decided to open this antiques and collectibles shop last summer and is really enjoying it. She has some very cool items for sale, like jewelry, quilts and serving ware. And it has a real cozy, homey feel inside the shop and is always decorated for the season outside. From the store you have mountain and lake views and it's in a truly beautiful location. (It is where we spend every Christmas and a week every summer, and is where I grew up!)

She just started her blog to be able to post new items for sale and things of interest. If you are ever in the Northeast part of Vermont during season (spring, summer & fall), please stop by and check it out. She also has items for sale on line, hence the blog!

That's all for now!


Lisa said...

OH OH glad you shared this blog link. A magical place named after a magical YOU!!

What a beautiful store with such sweet family memories mingled in....its sure to be a success as its been built on such love and tradition!!
Lisa :)

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't know you had family in VT! My cousin lives in Lyndonville and she grew up in St. Johnsbury! I loved the summer I spent out there (well, except for sitting on a red ant hill under her "enchanted tree". She and I are always in contact and did I mention she is adopted?? :)

Nicole said...

How neat to have parents that live in Vermont! Did you grow up there? Gosh, it's SOOO beautiful! Much nicer than boring Chicago! haha.
Thanks for visiting my blog as well!

Lisa said...

I just had to pop in ( I meant to do it earlier!) to give you a HUGE HUG and HUGE THANKS. The beautiful, supportive and understanding comments you left were beyond amazing. How will I ever be able to repay your incredible kindness and generosity of spirt?
Just please know that you added a much needed balm to my ruffled feathers today...and brought a smile to my face!
You give so much to so many of us! How blessed we are to have you along on this topsy turvey journey!