Friday, January 9, 2009

Let's hear it for the Dads!

Yes, let's hear it for the Dads, and not just any dad, but the truly great Dads.
As Adam and I await news of our next baby I am once again amazed at his excitement and nervousness and joy at the prospect of adding to our family. He is just as anxious to get "the big call" as I am.
I am so in love and so proud every time I hear and see him with Simone- making her laugh, teaching her how to play checkers and to hit a baseball, and yes, playing barbies. All these things he does so effortlessly and with so much love for her. He always does whatever is needed, whatever is in her best interest. He respects her birth culture and gladly trots on to language class and culture camp with her, so she knows how important her roots are to him too. And talk about protective! Mama bear move over when Daddy thinks his cub needs him! It sometimes brings tears to my eyes when I feel the love they share, and to know how lucky I am to have found this wonderful man.

And being my kids Dad is a big job. I have the best Dad ever, so I expect nothing but awesomeness from the man that will be by my side as the other biggest influence in their lives.
I have so many memories of my Dad and know there are so many more to come...
I was his side kick growing up - he always made me feel like it was him & me off on a big adventure. He has this wonderful sense of humour, and I think he really enjoys making me laugh, which he does easily. We have our little jokes, things nobody else really gets, that make us crack up and makes my Mom go "Oh Bob". And now he is keeping this tradition with Simone, who can't wait for me to read (over and over again) what "Poppa Bob the diggiest dog" has written to her anytime she gets a card from my parents.

And growing up my sweet Irish Dad always made sure my Native American heritage was important to me, the only sure thing we know about my nationality. By giving gifts that represented that culture and by showing me he respected the fact that my birth father was Native American he showed me how important I was to him, no matter where, or whom I came from. That in itself is one of the greatest and most selfless of gifts a Dad can give.

So I want to give a big shout out to the two most amazing Dads I know. My Dad helped shape who I am (and did a pretty great job, it's not his fault I'm so goofy...or is it, hmmm) and my husband will do the same for our children. And I couldn't have asked for a better man for that job, or for a better man to be my Dad.
Now let's hope we get that call to become parents again real soon so we can put Adam to the test again!


Lisa said...


Oh my...that was incredible...just as always! I had to go back to sit and read it again with great care. How amazing these 2 special guys are and yup, you, Simone and peanut #2 deserve it too!!!
Thank you for sharing a bit about your Native American background also; what a rich, proud and vibrant culture that is too! Your parents obviously knew/know what a miraculous blessing you are to not just them, but to all who are fortunate enough to know you!
Okay...I gotta go wipe the weepies from my eyes now....and I'm due in Miss L's class in moments....sooooo glad I checked your blog today....well, okay, I check it everyday ( sometimes more than once...giggle...) but you know what I mean!
AND its high time to "test" Adam again :) with baby #2!!

Love the pics too!!

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

What a great post! Yes, let's hear it for Great Dads! And let's bring in number 2... they really are a hoot in numbers & I swear Dads get sillier with more... or maybe it's lack of sleep. Great tribute to the Dads in your life. Good thing that "there is no charge for awesomeness" or you'd be in for it. ;0)