Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby weight and baby wait...

Ok, so my only true gripe about this whole journey of adoption is the "baby weight" I find myself putting on during the "baby wait".
I mean I like food to begin with, I truly enjoy cooking and eating (must be where Simone gets it from...) and am not known to miss a meal. Ask me for directions and I'll get you there using my favorite restaurants as points of reference.

But I'm also a stress eater. When I feel stressed or overwhelmed I pick. I nibble on chips and cheese & crackers and nuts and mini candy bars, oh and those darn Hot Tamales - which oddly enough my dear friend Angie who is very pregnant is also craving. So how much baby weight is OK for us non prego's? We don't have the "eating for two" excuse, there's really only one of us. Maybe I can blame it on hormonal changes brought on by all the stress...Hmmm that might work.

And it truly doesn't help that my boss is 19 weeks along, and although usually a very health conscious person, she has been really enjoying letting go a bit. And she gleefully invites us to join, biscuits and gravy, Long John Silver fish & fries baskets, and then it's time again for more pizza! Sure we get the occasional salad but then some strawberry shortcake for dessert. All these things I'd normally say no thanks to I now find myself chowing down on! I really need to get this baby so I can get back into shape!

On a different note...
I had the oddest dream last night. I got "the call" and I was so calm yet very excited. And Tien (the Taiwan coordinator) said " I have good news, your going to be a Mama again. It's a beautiful girl..." A girl, well that's odd now isn't it, because we are on the wait list for either, but are expecting the referral to be a boy, as the girl wait list is rather long and they'll get any girl referrals that come in(and I truly hope some girl calls go out soon, they have all been waiting sooo long for their babies!). So why in the world did I dream that...

Maybe it's a good omen~
or maybe I just ate too many mini snickers before bed.

Well, I'm signing off...I think I heard somebody say something about ordering lunch!


Lisa said...

LOL I love it! Well, okay not the stress induced nibble sessions, but the fact is you brought to light something that so many of us have battled! I have soared between no appetite and then crazy eating! :) And finally someone else who hears the siren call of those Hot Tamales. My friends & family all say "gross" when I jiggle the red box, but I'm a sucker for 'em! ( oh well, more for us, right?) giggle.....

One good thing is that my best stress buster is exercise, but some days I'm not sure its evening out! Ugh! Somehow I just bet you still look fabulous though!

And your are not alone there either. While we waited for word of our First Ruling I had a dream that our baby boy was so tiny he could fit into the palm of my hand! He was perfect, just tiny! Its not too hard to analyze that one, but yours is soooo interesting!

Thanks for sharing this HUGE smile have an amazing way of sharing this journey with us and bringing us right along!

HUGS and happy weekend my friend!
Lisa.... who is trying to eat an apple, but eye balling Lauren's chocolate Teddy Grahams! ;)

Mark & Kris said...

Ha, I relate to you totally!! I have put on 13 pounds since we began this adoption in Nov. 2007! And that is with exercising! LOL I like the hormone excuse due to stress. Kris

Melissa said...

I definitely am a stress eater. I have been so horrible these last few weeks. I started off the new year really eating healthy and exercising. Now I just eat whatever I want. Not good!