Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year - “Xīn Nián Kuài Lè”

Today is Chinese New Year, starting the year of the Ox.
Simone wore a beautiful dress to school, oh not because it's Chinese New Year, just because she loves the dress... I tried to get her to wear this adorable outfit a friend brought back from China but was met with definite "Uh Uh"s.
At her language class yesterday her teacher gave us a cultural lesson on why and how CNY is celebrated in China and Taiwan and offered to help us learn to make some traditional dishes for next year. It was a great lesson and we learned things from the viewpoint of a Chinese person, not just a text book. She also gave each of the kids a red envelope with a dollar in it and some Chinese candy. Simone was thrilled! And her envelope has a saying about the dew of spring bringing good luck, which I thought was cool since we were told the meaning of her name "QingLu" is "to grow up healthy like the dew in spring". Ms. Connie told us to put the envelope under the child's pillow when they sleep to keep them from growing up too fast! Good luck there!
So Happy New Year - “Xīn Nián Kuài Lè”

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Lisa said...

Oh, Jen, the meaning of Simone's name is beautiful and almost magical given her fortune! I just love that you take this class together as a family and just think of how many blessings that will bring in the coming years!

I love the red envelope tradition too. It sounds like it was a grand day!

Now as to them not growing up so agree with you...not much we Mamas can do! lol....and btw, Lauren is very particular about her dresses too!

Hugs & love,