Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We're off to get fingerprinted!

WooHoo, road trip! With Simone of course, so lot's of Spiderwick and Princess movies and many games of GoFish... We're off to get our fingerprints done! We got our appointment for this Saturday in Nashville. This is the next step towards USCIS approval. Once we get that and our home study approved we should be ready to rock n'roll! Or at least get on the wait list for our newest family member. We also got word yesterday that our first draft of the home study has been reviewed and the corrections have been forwarded to our SW. We'll meet with her Monday to get the revisions done. So I feel better that there is some more progress. I like being able to check things off my list, no matter how small they might be!
Let's hope for a speedy processing of our prints now. J

1 comment:

Lisa said...

There are no small steps in this process...yay for your road trip! I hope it went off without a hitch and please do keep us posted!!
Lisa C.