Wednesday, October 1, 2008


OK, so Simone & I were chatting last night and she me told that her friend that had been out sick was back in school and she was soo happy because she had really missed her. I commented that they must be really great friends and she replied "yep, we are bsss's". Bsss's? So I asked what that meant, and she said (with hand on hip & rolled eyes) Best Friends Forever, Mom. So the conversation went like this...
Me: Bsss's? That's what that means, huh?
Simone: Yep
Me: Don't you mean BFF's?
Simone: Nope, Bsss's.
Me: Well, best friends forever is BFF, you know Best- B, Friends- F...
Simone: No Mom, we are Bsss's.
Well, I figured it was a good chance for some phonics fun so we spent the next 5 minutes going over the letters. I think she got it, so today they should be BFF's. It's so funny how she had no clue what she was saying but was positive she was correct. It's like when you get the actual lyrics to a song and realize you've been singing the absolute wrong words for 6 years! Simone has been singing "Hannah Montana" songs lately b/c her dear friend loves to sing them. We've finally gone from her version "it's just a vegetable word" to the correct (I think...) lyrics of " you get the best of both worlds". Now we're trying to change " you put the lemurs on the fly" to "you get the limo out front". It's pretty funny, especially since she's never even watched HM, we're still pretty into Max & Ruby, which is fine with me! I guess this is why we need #2- the entertainment just can't be beat with this little one, I can't imagine when she has a sidekick!
Well, obviously no news to report on that darn Home Study getting to JOH yet. As of Monday our SW was "getting ready to send the first draft", maybe we'll hear today. Once we get that approved I think we can go on the waiting list...fingers crossed it is soon. J

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Lisa said...

That is so sweet and I love your graphic!
I hope things move swiftly once your H.S. is sent on! Its so hard to wait....just to wait! :)
Lisa C. (JOH)