Thursday, October 23, 2008

I cast my vote...

Well, I did it finally, or actually, I did it early. Here in our County, early voting is the way to go. I breezed into the old courthouse, after a thorough search by the armed security guard (I kept beeping, he said it was probably my magnetic personality, -oh, get out, really?-) I walked right up to the polling booth and cast away! What a relief, I no longer have to watch the ads on TV, or read the emails people send bashing or applauding each candidate or check the polling results each day online or debate pros & cons in my head. I can say, "Oh, I've already voted, thank you". Now I am not saying I took this endeavour lightly, not at all. It is a huge, and personal decision that needs to be thought out and I have put much thought into who I want for both the presidential and local candidates- mostly during some of my recent sleepless mornings. I just feel better knowing I used my right to vote, and that's one more thing on my list done. As Simone would say, "good job Mama, check!". (obviously nothing new with the adoption, except getting my fingertips ready for Saturday!) J

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Lisa said...

It does feel good to do that! I have been thinking a lot on it too....most of all, its just important to exercise our right to vote!
Have a glorious weekend!
Lisa C.