Thursday, October 9, 2008

Memory Lane

So I was awake at 5 or so this morning with my brain plugging away like it was noon & I just ate a snickers bar. Lately I wake up early and think, think think (you can sing that to the Blue's Clues tune...think, think thiiiink!) anyway, I am thinking alot lately, things like, photo pages-we need to get those done and the education videos-we still need to find time to watch those and how should we do the nursery and why am I thinking of the nursery when I'm sooo far from a referral, and so on... And I remembered something that happened last year around this time that made me chuckle. Now keep in mind, we live in a very diverse area, and nobody really looks at us oddly or ask questions when Simone is with us. We just are just accepted, unless we travel, then the element changes. But D.C. is one of those places that is also diverse, so when traveling there we feel we are in that same bubble. Well, we had gone to D.C. to visit with Adam's family and we all stayed at a hotel together. The kids (5 of em, between ages of 2 & 4 at that time) were getting VERY loud and a bit crazy in the guest room, which was a room with a TV and drinks and noshy stuff and lots of people. Simone had many warnings and I finally decided to take her in the hall and have a chat, calm her down. We get in the hall and she is screaming "No, I want my Daddy, get away, give me back to Daddy". A room door opens and a man peeks out, then comes out and watches the drama. After looking for a few seconds, and with Simone still screaming "where is my Daddy, get away", the man speaks to her. In Chinese. I tried to explain the situation, and between that and her now clinging to me in panic mode he walked away. As I turned to go I saw him and the hostess in the guest room look out, with her nodding, I assume insuring him she belonged to me. SO how about that! I had never had to defend my parental status before. I am really glad he was concerned and took it that far, but it still makes me chuckle when I think of the look on his face, like "how did that happen?" And that is my memory for the day... J

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Lisa said...

So I'm not the only one sometimes awake in the wee hours of the morn? :) Sometimes I worry I do my best thinking at those times! LOL
Your story of the concerned bystander reminded me of something I witnessed years ago...similiar. Wow!
Thank you for sharing!
Now we just need to see that you've made it on that list! I actually found that wait to be one of the most frustrating waits! (Up until now that is! )
Have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family!
Lisa C.