Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some good news...

Ok, I have had nothing good to report lately so I haven't posted anything! But if you peek at the time line over to the side you will see that our Home Study has been sent to JOH for first review. This is exciting to me. We haven't heard anything from JOH... good, bad or indifferent yet, but maybe today or tomorrow. I'm just glad it is there, I was too nervous to call our SW last week to ask but I broke down & emailed her this morning!
Also, we got our receipt back yesterday from USCIS for the I-600 application & I was told that we should be getting our appointment for fingerprinting within 2 weeks. This also makes me happy, even if they are wee baby steps I feel like progress is being made and we are getting closer to a referral of our next bundle of joy!
We put the crib up in the "nursery"/spare bedroom to take a picture for our photo page for JOH and figured we'd just leave it up- it keeps me hopeful... Well, Simone has been enjoying climbing in & watching TV from her new perch. It's been funny, and it has brought back so many memories of her as a baby! What incredible amounts of joy she has brought us! It is amazing we've been home almost 4 years with her. Boy was she a cute little baby, too! This is the hotel in Nanchang, day2 (March of 2005!), I think the only moments all day she wasn't in tears!
Well, I hope to have more good news soon!


Lisa said...

I hope you hear something soon too!
Beautiful baby girl!! :)
Lisa C.

Paul and Heather said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog. Good to meet you :-)
Your daughter is beautiful. Here's hoping some referrals start pouring in!!!