Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been tagged

Ok, so I've been tagged (yes, like a week ago-I've been busy!) by my Sweetpea pal Teresa A Sweetpea you ask? Yes, all of us that where DTC Dossier To China were in a Yahoo group called the Sweetpeas and we still keep in contact via the yahoo group. We were actually DTC in July, but b/c Simone wasn't ready for us we had to wait for our referral with the August peeps, and the Sweetpeas generously allowed us to wait with them)
So, I've been tagged and I have to come up with 7 random things about me. Yikes this was harder than I thought it would be, but see post below - I had some time to think this morn...
So here goes...
1) I am not too keen on clowns. Now I'm not terrified, but they creep me out a bit. You can't tell if they are really smiling or frowning, or ready to eat your brains... They have a sad face painted on, but then they also have a flower that squirts water when you go to sniff it, so how can they possibly be sad when they have that clever device on their lapel?
2) I love, love, love roller coasters. My hubby's cousin Laura & I used to have the best time at Busch Gardens on the roller coasters and really anything that resembled a roller coaster. We'd run from one to the next and ride until we thought we would get sick.
3) I was born in Fl, grew up in New England, returned to FL for college and now live in Tenn. Around these here parts they call that a "half-back". Although I guess I'm really a half-back & a 1/2, or a forward back...
4) I am terrified of fish, you know, when they are in the water with you. You want to see me reach the shore faster than an Olympic swimmer, just add one slimy fish near where I'm swimming. I have heeby-jeebies just thinking about it!
5) When I was little I thought the word for finger was pronounced "thinger" I don't why and I don't think anyone corrected me until I was in college and I wrote thinger in an essay. What a revelation that was!

Almost there
6) I can roll my tongue. Not everyone can do that, try it.
7) I opened a door on my face yesterday. Yes, that's right, I opened the basement door and my face was somehow in the way. How?? If I knew that I would have avoided the whole incident, and trust me, it hurt like a son of a gun!

So there are 7 tidbits about me. Now I am supposed to tag 7 of my blog buddies. Unfortunately I am really new to this so I only have two of my fellow JOH'ers I think would be OK with me tagging - so it's

Lisa -
Michelle -

Enjoy, it was fun! J


Lisa said...

Hey my friend!
Thanks so much for the tag and I truly enjoyed taking a peek at your random funny about the finger thing! And yes, it is hard to roll your tongue...I never knew!? :)
Please free to tag me anytime...BUT, I was already tagged both informally and formally 2 times and by golly I don't think I have that many interesting facts about me to share! LOL Take a look back at my blog to find my 7 Random Things and a Court Date post(early October)...I swear its there....really! It may be on the older posts page now....not sure? I've been blogging up a storm lately ( well, at least for me...giggle..) so its been pushed on down!
I also found your post on co-sleeping so interesting and have been wondering how it will work for us too....still scratching my head on that one, so I was intrigued by your thoughts!
Happy Halloween to you guys...thanks again for the tag thought!! Sorry I'm so randomly not interesting!!! :)

Dina said...

and I thought "Breakthest" was funny!!!