Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break - part 1

It was Spring Break for Simone last week which meant a full week off from school!  And being that we haven't technically "vacationed" since summer Adam & I decided on a road trip to Florida!

Wait, hold on....did I hear a couple of groans out there?
Oh, I see.  Some of you are remembering the disastrous not so great road trip from last year.  Yes...we were a bit uncertain as well - but figured we had nothing better to do so, what the heck, we gave it a try it.

And............It went great.  The kids slept for most of the drive there and were well entertained by that certain purple dinosaur and the yellow sponge dude for the remainder of the trip. 
And really, we are so glad we went since the kids had such a blast in Orlando and we were even able to sneak in a few days to visit family in Clearwater.  It was a week packed full of activity that left Adam and I needing a retreat, but that made some wonderful family memories!  In fact, we packed so much into our time there that it'll probably take a few posts to be able to share it this I name "part 1".

We spent a lot of time with Adam's family and were thrilled to be able to see both his parents and some Aunts, Uncles and cousins!  And we had some free time to meet up quickly with some pals :-) although not nearly enough time to see them all  :-(

On our way out and about we got to drop by to see one of my oldest pals and her family at the ball park.  Her son was pitching that day, so it was such a treat to be able to see him throwing that ball!   And we got a family photo while we were there...
Sammy was very interested in Nick and wanted to get on the field and hit a few of his pitches.  Nick was gracious enough to chat with both kiddos, which made them feel so special!

Sammy liked the ball.  I think...
And the pool was the place to be.  Simone couldn't get enough and swam like a fish!  We were lucky the weather was warm because those kids would not stay out of that water.
And Auntie JoJo and Uncle Marc came for the day.  The kids have missed them so much since they moved back and were beyond thrilled to spend some great time with them. 
Oh...all cuddles with Auntie!

Last year she never would have jumped in the pool.  But this year......

Naturally Sammy followed suit.....Thankfully JoJo was there to catch him.
Aunt Annie came for dinner with cousin Daniel.  Both kids were so happy to see them again and had so much fun hanging out.
Lot's of giggles on the floor...and Harry dog came with Auntie which made the visit all the better for Sammy!
  To finish we have more cuddles on the couch...
So ends part 1 of our great spring break!  There sure is a bunch more to come....

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