Saturday, March 19, 2011

Part 2...the fun continues

Did I mention how much we squeezed into a week....?
Well, believe me when I say that it was a lot of fun stuff.  We were lucky to make it to a park on the water for some morning play before nap time...and before more family arrived to visit!  The kids had a blast playing and I was thrilled to be able to get together with one of my dearest pals and her family!

And have I ever mentioned how Sammy has NO fear and runs any playground like he's been playing there for years?  Well, that's my Sammy Wei...taking over playgrounds near and far.
Thankfully Simone is around to keep him from tumbling too far.  And to rescue him from dinosaurs....
But who is this darling?  Well that's Ms. A and her sassy pigtails!  Sammy seemed to like her and they played around each other quite a bit while seeming to keep their distance.  Very cute!
Ms. A and her wonderful Mama! 
Ummm...rocking out to AC/DC?  Or smiling...?
 Either one, it's a typical Sammy face.
And a typical Simone face....lovely!
Still playing "together". 
And Simone's busy doing her thing.
 And then....
She spotted this. 
Which became a crab hunt with a group of other kids!
While these two just kept playing!

What a super fun morning it was!  I am so glad the kids got to see the gulf and play in the sand and water. 

Then the surprise visit from another favorite Uncle!  Yes...and Yay..... it's Uncle Fred!!!!
Both kids were so happy to see him again and had such a great afternoon playing with him.
And Aunt Annie came for a bit again.  Sammy was very happy and gave a lot of hugs and pats.

And since we had built in babysitters...Adam and I got a date night! 
We had a nice dinner and some quiet time together!  Trust me, this is a rare occurrence and we totally enjoyed it!  (Thanks Ma & Pop for this treat!)
And we got to watch the sunset over Dunedin Beach while enjoying a nice glass of vino.

But alas, our time in Clearweater ended very quickly so we could continue our vacation in Orlando!
One last photo with the grandparents and we were on the road again....
But the fun still continues....

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michelle said...

Wow, you have been busy having so much fun!! Glad you were able to squeeze some alone time. Even though I miss Lexie terribly, it's important to do some "adult" things whenever we can. Since it's not often, I don't feel too bad about leaving her for a few hours.

Can't wait to see what other adventures you have planned for Sammy and Simone.