Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On we go....to Sea World!

Tuesday brought us to SeaWorld (wow, was it really a full week ago?) and all of the excitement that such a park can bring!  Simone chose Sea World and we thought that it would be a bit easier than the other big parks with Sammy.  There sure was plenty to see and all of the kids had a great time, as well as the adults!  It was a long tiring day but it really was a wonderful time.

Here's Sammy and P at the start of the day.  We were lucky to have him around to help watch Sammy!  And I tell you what, he did a great job of chasing him and keeping him close for us.  And Sammy...well he just adores P!
Now if you've been reading this blog for any length of time you'll know already how my two just love aquariums.  They both could spends hours amongst the fish tanks.  Sammy was awed by the sting rays and having them swimming all around him and Simone just loved pointing out any of the species she knew the name of.
Photo below taken by Ms. Simone.....I see photography in her future!

And our favorite parts of the day were seeing the shows!  The dolphin show was so amazing and the kids just loved every moment!  There were a lot of "ooohs" & "aaaws" from them! 
Check out Simone's face.....!  Love it.
After that we hit the play area where the kids headed right for the splash pad. (Cause there wasn't enough water back at the hotel?)  We did manage a few rides and attractions along the way.  I even got to ride on Kraken (the roller coaster) with my Mama friend J!  It's been, ummmm, years since I've been on a big ride and let me tell ya.... it was AWESOME!

Below is Sammy splashin it up!
This was so cool...these fellows on stilts doing all these crazy flips while the musicians were playing wild drum music. 

Our very own dancing queens!  Go Girls......dance dance dance!
And my ultra napper, once again taking a break from all the activity.  He actually fell asleep in the midst of the very loud music show!

It was hard to drag the kids away from there- but we were able to with the promise of seeing these amazing creatures....

Think the girls are a bit tired?  They didn't actually sleep on J but certainly rested while waiting for the show to start!
Not Sammy.  Since having his little power nap he was all sorts of excited about seeing these Orca's jump through the air and water!  He said "wow" about 150 times through the show!  Very adorable.
They really put on an incredible show!

We rounded out the day with dinner with the sharks.  The tank full of sharks and other sea critters was right next to our table.  Though the girls were a bit nervous about eating with sharks so close the boys just loved it!  No photos though...I just couldn't get my brain and camera to work together and all the photos came out terrible.

So that was our day at Sea World.  We all went back to the hotel and slept like babes....
I have a few last photos I'll post later of our last days there--- and special pics of Simone's hair wrap!


Teresa said...

Awesome!! I love Sea World out here. Fun times. Making memories!

Enjoy your time!

Heather said...

Great pictures! Love reading about your adventures..

michelle said...

I'm still in awe of how Sammy can take a nap. He's such a wonderful sleeper!

Love those pictures of the orcas. Such amazing animals. Glad you are having a great time!

Lisa said...

Oh Jen ( yay blogger is letting me back on again!) :) this brought back TONS of memories of our Sea World day last summer ~ the shows, Simone's expression of pure awe and delight and a little cutie patootie with cheeks galore splashing in the kiddy area!....like I'm there again!

Only guess who didn't get to ride the Kraken??....and oh how I love it from year's ago! :) ah well, maybe next time then? Did you guys ride the water ride? That was lots of fun too!

Your trip sounds just amazing and I love all the pics of your beautiful kiddos!AND the gorgeous marine animals!

Looks like it was plenty hot too....I would have thought it would have been a bit more mild in March?? Wow!

You aren't vacationed out are you?? Please tell me you still have some gusto for a trip to Texas come late summer??? :)