Thursday, March 24, 2011

Final days of Spring Break

Just a few photos to wrap up our Spring Break!  We spent most of our final days poolside since the weather was warm and the kids just loved all the swimming and slides!

Me and my silly guy.
Not asleep...just resting.  He seriously popped up within moments and was off and running.  He just loves his Daddy...a lot!
I have never seen a pool get fuller faster than at this hotel.  By 10AM it was jam packed with kids and adults and you had to be resourceful to get a poolside seat!  But we had so much fun and my two were little fishes!

And we had to bid farewell to our pals. that a kiss she's sneaking?   Oh my my my.....
And the famous "hair wrap"!  She begged the entire trip to get this and finally on the last day we let her.  She was thrilled!
Pretty cool, huh?
So we headed home...the long 10 hour drive back to our home town.
The kids did really great on the way home as well but by the time we passed the TN border we were all more than ready to get home.  

And now we're all back to reality and back on schedules ---- but with the memories of our super fun Spring Break still lingering!

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Lisa said...

I *heart* her joy!!! Beautiful!

AND Sammy's hair looks like its really growing!!!! AND I never EVER tire of seeing that gorgeous boy and his many expressions!