Thursday, March 10, 2011

Odds and ends of fun

Life around these parts is as busy as ever, but we have a lot of fun each day!  It's been great with Sammy getting older and being able to do so much more with us.  He's becoming an easy traveler, like his big sis, and he's starting to understand boundaries and is really becoming a much better listener.  So we have been taking more fun day trips with him!

A few weeks ago we went to W*nderworks with some friends.  It's an interactive museum that has a lot of really cool things for the kids (and adults) to explore!   
The kids all loved the space room and enjoyed trying out the spaceship!
And what could be better than a giant keyboard!
Well for this fellow the motorcycles where even more thrilling!  I had to pull him off after about 15 minutes so other people could have a turn.  Luckily there was so much more to explore!
And my brave girl....
 This was a flight simulator that actually closed all the way up and went upside down and all around.  I never thought Simone would do it but she really wanted to!  My pal went in with her since I was holding Sammy Wei-who was VERY unhappy that he was too little to join in on the action.  Simone said it was awesome!

And Simone's class performed in a musical show at school.  It was adorable and very fun to watch.  I loved seeing my big girl out there singing and dancing and totally enjoying herself!
What a little ham....
Sammy liked it too!
But he liked the school mascot even more.  He chased that poor leopard the entire evening, showering it with plenty of hugs and even pulling it's tail!

And on to play time fun!  Some FCC buddies were putting a playhouse up for their daughter and some of us volunteered to help.  Didn't take much to convince us afternoon of fun for the kids and some adult conversation with great pal, well naturally we're in!

Simone just loves SP and treats him like he's her other brother!  And he's such a sweet little guy....
SP & Sammy cleaned up after all the play!
I just love how Sammy has to be in the midst of it all~
There was outdoor fun as well!
"Please take this carrot as a symbol of my friendship...."
Looks like he's saying "ugh, these ladies.....already measuring for curtains!"
The playhouse turned out great and I know it'll get a lot of use!  And what a fun day we all got to have...

I threw this photo in just because I thought it was cute!  He looks so grown up, and yet with his little toes sticking out he still holds that babyness..

So that's my collection of odds and ends.  This week will have many more fun memories made, I am very I'll be posting about that soon!

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michelle said...

Love seeing all of the fun things that you do. That Sammy sure is growing fast. He's too cute with his expressions!