Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day of Dragons and Dancing

Yesterday was one busy day for us!  Busy but a lot of fun!

We celebrated Chinese New Year with our FCC Chapter.  What a grand celebration it was too!  This is always the biggest event so we get to see so many families.  The kids are well entertained with crafts and yummy food and catching up with all their pals!  Some new families joined us this year and we hope to see them more often.   And all of our best pals were there as well, so the kids not only had a fun time but were excited to see everyone they know so well!

Here's the four of us.  Yes, we adults look worn out....chasing Sammy around that place was a job in itself, and one that took plenty of energy!  And for Ms. Simone, well, she just had a great time and was so independent, not only playing with her favorite pair of brothers but making new friends as well!  What a difference from last year, she has certainly come out of her shell!
 One of Sammy's favorite games was jumping off the stage.  Oh yes, the stage he wasn't supposed to be on in the first place.  But try telling Mr. Determined that!  Year of the Ox suits his temperament very well I must say!  But look how happy he is in the midst of his deviousness...
 And Simone's bestest pals, FuDa & SP! 
  Oh and there's that stinker climbing on the stage again...
 True love....
 Fuda was the head of one of the dragon's and did a fine job prancing through the room!
 See Sammy Wei at the tail end, trying so hard to keep up with the big kids!  He was not going into the dragon made for the little ones, no sir!  He had to be right near his big sis!
 And instead of firecrackers we had bubble pop on the floor!  The kids LOVE this and there was not a bubble left when they were all finished!
 He's finally looking a bit tired as well!  And oh so cute...
 And some of my FCC Mama pals!  It is so amazing to have made such great friends with such wonderful women.  I feel very lucky to have gotten to know all of them over the last year and look forward to many gatherings to come!

So if all that excitement wasn't enough we had a birthday party to attend later that night.  One of my friends turned the big four-o and had a great party at a local hotel!  And she wanted it "kid friendly" so we all got to go as a family, which truly was great.  There was very good food and a DJ playing great dancing tunes. 

Simone and Sammy had no problem shaking it up on the dance floor.  It was darling to see them dancing together!  And Simone knew all of the other kids there so she had a really fun time! 
 The B-Day gal and another friend.  Also my "girl's weekend" pals! 
Thank you Perla for a great time!!!
 Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing...ya ya!  Sammy really has the beat down and was even trying to line dance.  He had so much fun and was just adorable out there!
 My dancing queen....

So that was our day yesterday.  What do you think we'll do today?
Oh you know it - hang out and chill!  We're going to cuddle up and watch TV, maybe make some popcorn.  Well, Adam & I anyway.  The kids are already running around the house like wild things...

And below is a just for fun photo.  Sammy got new sheets from his Auntie Jody and he is now sleeping in his room in a "big boy bed" (well...mostly sleeping in there, he wakes between 5 & 6 to cuddle back in our bed.  It's a start though!)  But he really loves his "vrooom vrooom" sheets and enjoys laying in there.

Yep, naked as the day he was born here....he climbed in while we were dressing for the day!

So that's our day of dragons and dancing!

Hope all of your weekends are truly grand too!


Julie and Dean said...

The after party looked awesome! Love Simone's head band.
And that one picture of sammy chasing after the dragon cracked me up. I'm still chuckling. He is the year of the OX for sure.
We had such a fun time.

michelle said...

Cute pictures! Lexie & Sammy need to get together. At our Chinese New Year Festival, I had to run after her several times because she was determined to get on the stage while some children were performing. She's also a jumper too!

Love that picture of Sammy cuddling in his sheets!

Lisa said...

So cute and fun Jen!!

Loving these action shots and loving those sweet cheeks I still see!!!!!