Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today my sweet baby boy turns two years old.  He's not so much a baby anymore though, and is able to do so many things he couldn't do last year, some things he couldn't achieve even last month. 
I'm not sure where the year went but it truly did fly right by!  I think of all the changes we've had since his 1st Birthday, how much he's grown and learned and, well, changed!

It's been a great year too, I couldn't have asked for a more amazing year spent home with my little dumpling, and his big sis when she wasn't in school!  We've had all sorts of fun and each day brings something new. 

So what is Samuel WeiChe like on the day he turns two?
Well, he is a sweet natured boy who loves to snuggle and cuddle and who gives hugs out easily!  He is ever so curious and it really is just his nature to explore anything by climbing it, smooshing it, opening or closing it, licking it and possibly even throwing it. He's strong-willed and determined, always quite sure of what he does and does not want.  He's happy, singing the day away and giggling over anything that tickles him.

He's a dumper of all baskets and bins.  It doesn't matter what is in it, he just likes to dump it all out.  And maybe look through it a bit.  Oh sure, he'll help clean it back up...just to dump it all over again!

He is an animal lover.  The promise to see the horses next door have helped smooth over numerous tantrums.  Story time at the zoo is AWESOME...only because they bring an animal in to pet at the end.  And not a puppy dog can pass by at the park without his attention given to it-whether it's wanted or not!

He loves anything to do with the kitchen and cooking.  He drags the kitchen chair over to the counter to watch me prepare meals, or even just wash the dishes.  He loves to get his own pot or pan and utensil and pretend to cook with me.  His play food is used often while I'm prepping dinner.

He also loves to copy everything anybody does.  He is such a master imitator and it makes me laugh to see what he takes away from different situations. 

And he wears me out on a regular basis.  And then does something that makes me love him even more than ever!  Even as he's exasperating me he's putting on that sweet boy charm and making my heart melt.   But wear me out he does, with his non-stop energy and crazy ideas of what is safe to climb or take apart or play with.  He just loves to get into everything and expects me to just keep up with him!

So on this day I really just want to remember how much I love this little guy, how much we all do!   This day two years ago we were given such an amazing bessing, though we didn't even know it at the time. 

Today we celebrate Sammy turning two.


Lisa said...

Well I sure couldn't leave the blog out ~ how could I not stop by and read this amazing post in honor of your littlest dumpling!!!!

Happy HAPPY birthday to your beautiful boy (and I think its a Mama's perogative to still call them babies!) ;) ....I sure don't know where the year went either...or maybe I do as I spend my days chasing a busy toddler too! LOL :)

He sounds, in a word, PERFECT!!!!! Oh, I know each day or moment (or mood, LOL) might be less so, but with them and our families completed it feels mighty perfect doesn't it?!?!

I see quite a slew of similiar traits between our fellas too! :) These Taiwan Tornadoes are a glorious force of nature!!!!


michelle said...

Happy Birthday Sammy! Time sure flies when you're having fun. Have a great day!

Heather said...

I can't believe he is two! He is absolutely adorable. Happy Birthday, Sammy!